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Rubyspire Vale[edit]

Mostly barren but some areas are unexpectedly grassy. It has at least three lakes, one of which touches the barren grounds. The place is not fully explored as most of the adventurers who pass through get eaten by the giant ants that feed on blood. Those that do succeed in passing still don't come back for an unknown reason.

Plane Traits[edit]

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: Regular

Normal gravity.

  • Time: Regular.

Normal time flow.

  • Size: Large.

Very big. Cannot see the end from some places.

  • Morphic: Regular.

as material plane.

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: Earth.

Mostly nature. In this area the Temple of the Heart of Nature lies.

  • Energy Dominance: Both.

The dwellers in this area get positive and negative energy.

  • Alignment Trait: None.

This land welcomes both good and evil adventurers.

  • Magic Trait: Element/area depending

If you are using earth elements near the shrines of the nature deities, the magic has 10 times the duration and effectiveness of the spell, but the shrine only works once for each caster.

Plane Links[edit]

The valley is an area in the Voarush island but it is rumored to teleport to the other islands.

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

The inhabitants are the (Dar'oka Deep,Elves) Terrainians. They live in a small fort with a small village around it. They are the guardians of Rubyspire Vale and use their elite soldiers, the Nature Avatars, to kill any intruder. The other inhabitants live inside the barrens. The giant ants build nests around the sands of the barrens. They need flesh and blood to live. They feast mostly on rams and lost adventurers in the area. There are rumors that in the Bronzium Peninsula some small tribes live secretly but, because of the ants, the truth is unknown.

Plane Areas[edit]

Island of Sail: The Island of Sail is the area that the Terrainians inhabit. The area is the only known area that is not barren. At the eastern part of Sail stands Fort Gilbert, the only fort in Terrain's possession; and the town of Terrain, with the High Nature Council. Most of the area is peaceful and does not play host to many creatures but there are some tigers roaming the area. The only way off the island is the bridge of blackwood, that is 10km long.

Western Barrens: After passing the Blackwood Bridge, you get into the northern part of the western barrens, which holds the blackwood forest there. Blackwood forest is a giant forest that covers most of the northern part, exept where the mountains begin. after the begining of the barrens, lies the main area where the giant ants roam, and it is said that if someone getis into the middle of the western barrens, he has a good chance of never coming back.

Valley of the Rock (A.K.A. the Eastern Barrens): not much is known about this place, as only few passed there, but none, except the nature guardians, came back. at the most western part of this area, at the middle of rubyspire, lies the temple of the heart of nature, which is constantly protected by the nature guardians. the areas is heavily infested with the giant ants, and rumored also to be the base for the necromancers that want to regain control over Rubyspire, at which some undead are seen in the night-watches of the Nature Guardians.

Bronzium Pensuela (?): this area has not been visited by anyone, yet some people say that there is a place beyond the ant caves in western barrens. the people of Terrain do not belive them, and call them crazy, but none yet has passed the ant caves, so there is no proff there are, and not that there are not. the people say that there are other tribes, maybe even other factions that are setteled there. there is also no way to get there by seas, becuse a terrible storm surrounds the place.

Movement and Combat[edit]

it is hard to move in the barrens, as the giant ants spread a sticky material after them. there is no effect on combat.

Plane Encounters[edit]

Island of Sail: destroyed part of terrain, diamond cave.

Western Barrens: ant caves, shrine of Uvalou.

Valley of the Rock (A.K.A. the Eastern Barrens): the main temple, necromancer dungeons.

Bronzium Pensuela (?): unknown

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