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Wondrous item, Legendary (Reauires attunment by any good alignment wizard)

This 1.5 meter tall staff has a glowing metal pole with a rainbow colour changing crystal on top of it that cannot be removed or broken. It provides a dim light out to 15ft. The staff also functions as a +3 quaterstaff. After Rubert accented to divinity, he left his staff for other wizards to find and use for good.

Super spell absorption While attuned and holding the staff, any spell that is level eight or lower won’t effect or hit you. Your staff will actually gain some charges. The staff gains the amount of double the spell level as the staff sucks it in. Charges cannot go beyond 50 charges.

Powerful spell casting While attuned to this staff, any spell you cast will be double stronger, say increased damage or longer duration. You also cannot loose concentration on a spell that requires concentration. Any spell you cast that requires components will also no longer require all components, only the cheapest one will be required.

Staff charges The staff has 50 charges. You can use a charge to cast one of your non ritual spells as a prepared spell, using one charge and then charges equal to the spells level. When the staff reaches 0 levels, roll a d20, on a 20, the staff regains 2d12+6 charges, on a 1, the staff will cause the ‘magic burst’ spell to happen and function with 10 charges and it will also effect you. The staff then cannot be used for 1d10 days other than the quaterstaff function. The staff regains all charges at dawn.

Rubert’s Magic The wizard Rubert was so powerful in magic he could use the ‘weave’ to not only cast spells, but use magic in any way that pleased him. The staff has many of his magic spells that you can use for the cost of the varying charges. All the staffs spells are magic attacks.

Crystal beam (40 charges) The crystal on the staff shoots out a rainbow beam that travels out to 300ft. Any creature caught in the beam must roll a DC 25 Dexterity saving throw or take 12d10 radiant damage and 12d10 force damage or half of both damages on a success. The beam can strike as many targets that it strikes, it can also go through structures.

Healing aura (15 charges) You emit a yellow aura that covers 30ft square centred on you that will heal you and chosen creatures 6d6 health and gain 12d6 temporial hitpoints for 10 rounds. The aura can stack healing but cannot stack the hitpoints above 50.

Cursed fireball(5 charges) You cast a green fireball that upon hitting a target, it must roll a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw or take 6d8 fire damage and will take 2d6 fire damage at the start of its next three turns, this cannot stack.

Delayed explosions (5 charges) You choose three points within 300ft of you, you then set invisible points in the chosen spots and you can choose when all set points explode, this can stack to 100 points. When a point explodes, any creature caught in the point will take 4d8 fire damage, so saving throw since only you can see the points. The points explode out to a 15ft sphere, they can overlap but only a mamimum of five can stack in damage. You can cause all the points to explode as an action or reaction. Setting them off doesn’t cost a charge. You don’t have to cause all points to blow up, just one can. You can set as many off as you like at a time.

Lightning rain (25 charges) You call upon a massive lightning clouds, the sky gets dark as grey clouds cover 300ft with you in the center. Lightning begins to rain down in the 300ft area, all creatures other than you must roll a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw or take 12d8 lightning damage and 10d6 thunder damage and be blinded and deafened for 1 hour. On a success the target only takes half of both damage and isn’t blinded or deafened.

Lost souls (10 charges) You release 5 white lost souls that will target the nearest creature within 300ft that you haven’t said it cannot target, the target creature must roll a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or take 10d8 necrotic damage or half on a success. If the target dies, 5 more souls will target the next nearest creature, and so on. This cannot go beyond 10 deaths.

Magic Burst (All remains charges) You use all the staffs remaining charges to release a 50ft purple magic sphere. All creatures but you will roll a DC 25 Constitution saving throw or take 12d8 radiant plus AmountOfUsedChargesD6 (say 15 charges would do 15d6) force damage. All the damage is magical.

Magic explosion (15 charges) You choose a point you can see within 100ft of you. A yellow explosion will erupt in a 30ft sphere on that point. All creatures caught in that area must roll a DC 20 Constitution saving throw or take 5d10 fire damage and 5d10 thunder damage and be blinded for 30 minuets. On a success, the target will only take half of each damage and isn’t be blinded.

Necrotic beam (20 charges) You fire a purple bea, of necrotic energy that will reach in a line out to 500ft straight. It can bounce off walls and structures but can’t go beyond a total of 500ft distance. Any creature struck must roll a DC 25 Dexterity saving throw or take 12d6 necrotic damage or half on a success. The ray can hit multiple targets to a max of 100 hit creatures.

Plane warp (20 charges) You can teleport yourself and 10 willing creatures to one of the other planes of existence, similar to a gate spell but a one way entry or exit. You can force unwilling creatures to teleport with a DC 25 saving throw. This spell ignores entities and deities that don’t want planar travel in their area.

True power word kill (30 charges) You utter a word of death, that all creatures within 100ft that have less than 250 health remaining will die. This spell cannot be cast in an area under the effect of silence.

True resurrection (30 charges) You can resurrect any creature that died from anything other than old age. The creature will have lost all wounds and diseases, regain lost limbs and regain all health. The spell can also provide a new body for the creature, say creating a body the exact same of the dead creatures original body of needed. The creatures soul can be either free or kept by a devil lord, doesn’t matter, it will be resurrected unless unwilling.

Undo (25 charges) You can force up to three rolls to be rerolled, or undo any event that accused within 50 rounds. This can change the gameplay in most ways. It can not undo something the DM decides that cannot be undone.

Void (40 charges) You create a black hole that covers 30ft sphere at any point you can see within 100ft of you. Any creature that stands within 15ft of the black hole is sucked in and dies immediately and cannot be resurrected except from a wish spell or the undo magic. Any creature within 50ft of the black hole will start to be sucked in, but can move out of reach but haves its walking speed reduced by half when trying to get out. The black hole will disappear after 10 rounds or has sucked in 5 creatures. Any creature can be sucked in, as the hole ignores size. Any structure will also be sucked in and destroyed, but falls apart before falling in.

Warp (20 charges) You can teleport to any spot you can see or have seen at least 5 times. You can also teleport up to three willing creatures. The teleportation functions like the ‘teleport’ spell.

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