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{{stub|I'm unclear what proficiency in this kit lets you do. What is a "survival situation" that a regular rope (or, say, climber's kit) doesn't let you do like per say Cost: 15 gp
Weight: 10 lb

This kit is an organized collection of rope sizes, pre-cut and ready to use. A rope kit is made from a 100-foot silk rope. It includes:

  • 8 x 3-foot segments
  • 4 x 6-foot segments
  • 2 x 12-foot segments
  • 1 x 25-foot segment

If you have rope kit proficiency, then you are assumed to have —along with your adventuring gear —the rope you need in a survival situation. The DM might impose a 15 gp cost if you didn’t mention purchasing the rope kit ahead of time.

You can bind a character or an object by making a Dexterity check. The DM secretly rolls the check and adds any Rope Kit proficiency bonus. This determines the knot’s DC. A character with the following race, class or background has proficiency with the Rope kit:

  • Race: Lightfoot halfling
  • Classes: Bard, Ranger, Rogue
  • Backgrounds: Criminal, Outlander, Sailor, Pirate, Urchin (others at DM’s discretion)

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