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Rogue Shadow[edit]

Rogue Shadows are more advanced forms of the original shadow, and are only at home in the dark. They hide and pick off their foes one by one.

Creating a Rogue Shadow[edit]

Size and Type[edit]

Type Change to Undead, Incorporeal Subtype

Hit Dice[edit]

Change to d12


Creature gains fly speed 60ft (perfect)

Armor Class[edit]

Loses natural armor bonus, gains deflection bonus equal to charisma Modifier


Loses all other attacks, but gains incorporeal touch

Full Attack[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

Incorporeal touch Attack: On contact with a living creature, the shadow deals 1d6 damage, and 1d6 temporary Str damage.

Sneak Attack: The shadow may sneak attack like a rogue of it’s level, under the same circumstances.

Special Qualities[edit]

Darkvision: A shadow has darkvision 90ft

Create Spawn: Any humanoid slain by a shadow rises As a normal shadow under the command of it’s master In 1d4 rounds. The shadow may control a number of spawn equal to it’s HDx2.

Dark Void: The shadow is invisible in darkness, as the spell "Greater Invisibility"

Shadow step: A shadow may travel between shadows At a maximum range of 30 feet.

Sunlight Powerlessness: Shadows are powerless in Sunlight and flee from it.

Unnatural Aura: Animals who enter 30ft into the shadow's area will not move closer, and will panic if forced to do so.


Str-, Dex+6, Con-, Int+2, Cha+4


+10 on Hide and Spot checks, +20 In darkness. +4 racial bonus to listen and Sense motive checks. A shadow is incorporeal, and only makes sound if it chooses to, therefore it is always moving dead silent.


Stealthy,Improved initiative,and Combat Reflexes as Bonus feats



Challenge Rating[edit]




Any evil


Level Adjustment[edit]


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