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Rod of Wonder (IV): A unique custom variant of the Rod of Wonder made and wielded by Namfoodle for his personal use and amusement.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->;


As per Rod of Wonder, except roll d100 and refer to the following table list. For spell effects that originate from the Rod, the Rod is treated as a 15th level caster with an intelligence of 18.

D% Roll
Roll Effect
1-10 Chromatic Orb effects target.
11-18 Rod appears to do nothing, although unbeknownst to the wielder a Philter of Stammering and Stuttering effects wielder. DM decides the exact nature of the phrase.
19-25 A Flaming Sphere hurls out of the sky onto a random position in a 50ft radius centered on the wielder. A contested intelligence check between the target and wielder determines who controls the sphere.
26-30 No effect.
31-33 Upon another d100 roll, rod causes a pillow (1-25), a small table (26-75), or anvil (76-100) to appear over targets head and fall. It is up to the DM to decide the properties of these objects and the damage/effects they do.
34-36 Roll d100. Rod Summons a poor quality painting of the target (1-25), bellows (26-50), or a storm giants boot (51-00), that appear on a random position 30 ft radius centered on the target.
37-46 Rod effects target as per Ring of the Ram for 1 use.
47-49 Rod fires 2d4 high quality bon-bons at target (no damage).
50-53 Wielder becomes invisible as per Invisibility.
54-58 Fascinate affects target, with the focus on the wielder.
59-62 Enlarge Person cast on target.
63-65 Gaseous Form affects wielder.
66-69 Wielder Levitates uncontrollably until duration ends.
70-79 Black Tentacles centered on target.
80-84 Wielder is affected by Stoneskin.
85-87 Rod summons a Leprechaun who then attempts to take control of the Rod.
88-90 Random small object on target are Animated and begin to relentlessly attack the target.
91-97 Rod fizzles for 1d4 rounds and cannot be used during that time, after which, Hypnotic Pattern is cast by the Rod.
98-00 Cone of Cold at double damage at target.

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