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Rod of Wonder (II) is a unique custom variant of the Rod of Wonder made and wielded by Namfoodle for his personal use and amusement.


As per Rod of Wonder, except roll d100 and refer to the following table list. For spell effects that originate from the rod, the rod is treated as a 15th level caster with an ability score of 18.

D% Roll
Roll Effect
1-10 Shoots a Web.
11-18 Rod shocks the wielder as per Shocking Grasp.
19-25 Reverse Gravity centered at target and with a 3 foot radius.
26-30 Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter effects the target.
31-33 600 small rubber balls (1 inch diameter) rain down for 1d4 rounds within 10 foot radius of wielder. All must make Ref save at DC 10 or be knocked prone.
34-36 Rod Summons a dove, rabbit or iguana.
37-46 Chain Lightning on the a random visible target (including allies).
47-49 Wielder and target covered in liquid chocolate. Considered as soaked and immediately extinguishes non-magical fires and torches on the person.
50-53 Haste on target.
54-58 Hold Person on target.
59-62 Suds flow from ground around wielder in 9 foot radius for 1d4 rounds with 3 cubic feet per round. They are either beer suds (26-100) or soap suds (1-25) on a d100 roll.
63-65 Target is Polymorphed into a look-a-like of Namfoodle, except white hair instead of black.
66-69 Wielder spins clockwise (1-50) or counterclockwise (51-00) for 1d4 rounds and is treated as blind for purposes of melee attacking, acting, and spells. However, other people melee attacking the wielder are also treated as blind.
70-79 Rod Heals wielder for exactly 8 points of damage.
80-84 Magic Missile target a random visible target (including allies).
85-87 Target inflates like a balloon for 1d4 rounds stays inflated for 1d4 rounds, then deflates in the same amount of rounds as it took to inflate. Target does not float in the air while in balloon form but may float on water and is treated as 1/10th of their original weight.
88-90 Rod stretches out and attempts to bite the target for 2d6 points of damage at +5 to attack.
91-97 Target is effected as per Potion of Fire Breathing.
98-00 Disintegrate on target.

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