Rod of Unrestrained Chaos (3.5e Equipment)

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Rod of Unrestrained Chaos: A slender staff sits before you, it's wooden handle carved in a simple yet exquisite design. The air surrounding it is cold and uninviting, even while a spark of excitement ignites somewhere in the back of your mind...

This rod is actually one step lower from a full fledged artifact, a powerful tool used by gods and mortals alike. Though the creation process is long and grueling the rewards (and sometimes punishments) are equally as great, providing a great deal of power to those that wield it and those it is wielded against.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->;

1d6 Type of effect
1 Martial effect
2 Energy effect
3 Chance effect
4 Cosmic effect
5 Alignment effect
6 mundane effect
1d% Martial
1 Staff becomes a becomes a +1 sword for 1 round
2 All held objects within a 10 foot range rust and become useless

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