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The Rod of Chance is a more advanced version of the Rod of Wonder capable of far greater random feats of magic. Envisioned by a wizard who's name is long forgotten but never completed. When using the Rod of Chance roll 1d2 and 1d%, adding 100*(the d2's result-1) to the d%, and find the effect on the table below. This is an item I never got around to finishing so please feel free to add to the table fill in the blanks!

100(1d2-1)+d% Effect
2 Target turns to stone
3 Caster glows a bright pink
4 Room or area is filled with a very bright light
5 1D20 Daggers fly from the wand towards target
6 Heavy stone block appears above caster then falls 2d20 damage (ReflexDC20, strengthCheckDC15 to move)
7 Wand shoots a fireball (as cast by 10th level caster)
8 Wand teleports caster behind target
9 Wielder becomes an automatic epic level character
10 Random roll. One member of party grows branches for 1d10 rounds
11 Caster multiplies. Creates one more exactly like himself
12 Target multiplies. Creates one more exactly like himself
13 All gold on caster doubles
14 All gold on target doubles
15 Something belonging to the caster appears in the target's hands (caster’s choice)
16 Casters hair falls out (grows back normally)
17 Target disappears
18 Wand turns ground around caster to mud
19 Party is teleported 30 feet in random direction
20 Target ages 100 years
21 Caster learns a new language
22 Caster loses a language
23 Target learns a new language
24 Target loses a language
25 Caster changes sex
26 Target changes sex
27 Everyone in 60 ft radius changes sex
28 Absolutely nothing happens, go figure
29 Target's size is halved
30 Caster’s size is halved
31 Target's size is doubled
32 Caster’s size is doubled
33 Caster gains X-ray vision for 1D10 rounds
34 Caster becomes immortal (will not age but can be killed)
35 Caster doubles his/her weight
36 Target doubles his/her weight
37 100-1000 lbs (1d10) of Manure buries Target Or Wand Wielder 50% chance
38 Target gains additional d6 1=hand 2=leg 3=head 4=tail 5=arm 6=foot
39 Caster gains additional d6 1=hand 2=leg 3=head 4=tail 5=arm 6=foot
40 Wielder becomes in love with next monster he/she sees
41 Target becomes in love with next monster he/she sees
42 Caster becomes monster magnet (monster will attack caster every 1d4 hours increasing to 1d4 minutes after 3 days until caster is dead)
43 Caster turns blue, green or purple permanently
44 Target turns blue, green or purple permanently
45 Heavy rain falls for 1d4 rounds in 60 ft radius centered on the wielder.
46 Summon an animal – a rhino (01-25 on D%), elephant (26-50 on D%) or mouse (51-100 on D%)
47 Lightning bolt (70 ft long 5 ft wide) 6d6 damage (Reflex DC15 half)
48 Stream of 600 large butterflies pours forth and flutters around for 2 rounds, blinding everyone (including wielder) within 25 ft. (Reflex DC 14 negates)
49 Darkness, 30-ft.-diameter, centered on wielder
50 Grass grows in 160-sq.-ft. area before the rod, or grass existing there grows to ten times normal size
51 Turn ethereal any nonliving object of up to 1,000 lb. mass and up to 30 cu. ft. in size
52 Invisibility covers rod wielder
53 All living creatures (humanoids, animals etc) are invisible to wielder for 1d4 rounds
54 Leaves grow on target lasting 24 hours
55 10-40 gems, value 1 gp each, shoot forth in a 30-ft.-long stream. Each gem deals 1 point of damage to any creature in its path: Roll 5d4 for the number of hits and divide them among the available targets
56 Wielders hair grows 6 inches
57 Targets hair grows 6 inches
58 Wielders alignment changes to chaotic (any)
59 Targets alignment changes to chaotic (any)
60 Wielders race changes d6(Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-elf, Half-orc or Halfling, remove characters race)
61 Targets race changes d6 (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-elf, Half-orc or Halfling, remove characters race)
62 Summon Monster V attacks caster
63 Rains fish 60 ft radius centred at wielder
64 5 gold piece falls on wielders head
65 5 gold piece falls on targets head
66 Rotten food falls on targets head
67 Targets weapon becomes fish for 1d4 rounds
68 Rod becomes fish for 1d4 rounds
69 Wielder becomes penguin for 1d4 rounds
70 Target becomes penguin for 1d4 rounds
71 Closest house disappears leaving contents
72 Targets tongue swells removing ability to speak
73 Roll twice more
74 Targets cloths turn to jesters outfit
75 Targets cloths turn to royal outfit
76 Target feels compelled to dance for 1d4 rounds
77 Target turns into a whale for 1 round
78 Deludes wielder for 1 round into believing the rod functions as indicated by a second die roll
79 Target becomes child for 1d4 rounds
80 Target finds self sitting on goat
81 Wielder finds self sitting on goat
82 Everyone in 60 ft radius finds self sitting on goats
83 Target becomes art history buff
84 Target becomes goat for 1d4 rounds
85 Wielder becomes goat for 1d4 rounds
86 Target worships own shoes
87 Target is inflicted with OCD
88 Target runs around in circles for 1d4 rounds
89 Wielder is deluded into thinking they are a chicken for 1d4 rounds
90 Target becomes obsessed with own reflection must find mirror within 5 rounds or become panicked, sickened, and confused
91 Wielder becomes a chicken for 1d4 rounds
92 Target glows green
93 Fireworks erupt from rod
94 Targets cloths disappear permanently
95 Hole opens up under target, target falls, hole closes target falls from sky 5d6 damage (Reflex DC17)
96 Target can only communicate through song permanently (Will Save DC 17)
97 Target becomes magnet for 1d4 rounds
98 Target falls asleep for 1d4 rounds (will save DC 17)
99 Wielder falls asleep for 1d4 rounds (will save DC 17)
100 Wielder runs around in circles for 1d4 rounds
101 Target is deluded into thinking they are a chicken for 1d4 rounds
102 House falls on wielder (no damage). Wielder has house
103 Incorporeal annoying human follows caster (cannot effect anything)
104 Incorporeal annoying human follows target (cannot effect anything)
105 Target’s clothes switch with tuxedo
106 Target's clothes switch with rags
107 Wielder gains trained pet hippo
108 Target gains indestructible chest with lock no key
109 Target grows small useless horns. If target already had horns, the horns grow 1d3 sizes.
110 Target’s mind is muddled and calls everyone Bruce for 1 day
111 A Kangaroo jumps between the wielder and target and is gone with no trace
112 Target's nose grows 1 foot per round for 1d4+1 rounds
113 Target's eyes pop out and hang down 5 cm but still function
114 Cow falls from sky in distance
115 Target's shoes disappear
116 Target's hair grows 1 foot a second for 1d4+1 rounds
117 Target becomes a young evil golden dragon
118 Target teleports to large room with piles of gold for 3 seconds then is teleported back to original location.
119 Santa hat appears on targets head
120 Target is thrown backward 30 feet landing face up
121 Rod produces god like background lightning effects with no effect
122 Target's nose hair grows 5 feet
123 Wielder's nose hair grows 5 feet
124 Flowers sprout from the end of the rod
125 If inside, room fills to 3 feet with water; if outside, the ground is wet in a 180 foot area
126 A giant vine springs from the rod entangles the target and smashes them on the ground before disappearing 3d10 damage (reflex 20)
127 A mysterious peasant boy grabs your money pouch and runs off (30’) if you catch the boy he will return it then disappear if not caught in 1d6+1 rounds the money is gone forever
128 A small rock falls on your head 1 damage
129 A small rock falls on the targets head 1 damage
130 A giant booming voice that seems to be all around you and can be heard for 1 mile says “1… 2… 6…
131 Bright flowers grow everywhere in a 30 foot radius around the wielder
132 Wielder receives a cursed teddy bear (turns children evil no effect to adults)
133 Rains ale in a 60 foot area
134 The ground shakes for 3 rounds. Each round, everyone must make a DC 15 Balance check to stay on their feet
135 A flock of emus runs past before disappearing behind a corner
136 A pink elephant walks past before disappearing behind a corner
137 A pig shoots over head like it was shot from a cannon *oink*
138 Wielders speed decreases by 10ft
139 Wielders speed increases by 10ft
140 Milk starts pouring out of your ears for 1d4 rounds
141 Milk starts pouring out of the targets ears for 1d4 rounds
142 5000 gold coins start falling from the sky in a 20ft diameter circle, for 1d6 + 1 rounds
143 The next 5000 gold coins in your money bag disappear when placed there
144 Every one in the street starts pelting you with eggs for 10d20 rounds
145 A disc hits the wielder at high speeds, causing 2d20 points of damage.
146 A "Deck of Many Things" appears, and the wielder is forced to draw at least once.
147 All females in a 15 ft. radius have their chests grow 1d3 sizes.
148 All males in a 15 ft. radius have their chests grow 1d3 sizes.
149 The wielder becomes hungrier with each meal eaten for 1d3 days.
150 The wielder is not hungry and needs no food or drink for 1d3 days.
151 Every other living being disappears for 1D6 days.
152 Everything in the world besides the wielder, and things such as spells,other movement etc. that are caused by the wielder happen in slow motion(To outsiders, the wielder is in fast motion) until the wielder wishes it to return to normal speed.(As with haste)
153 A closet falls next to the wielder, first person to open closet gains two levels in bard and a cello worth 5000 gold.
154 Wielder gains one object of their choice.
155 Wielder gains flesh eating disease (1d8 damage/target's level per day, 1d4 points Con per month)
156 Wielder gets common disease(random).
157 Target gets common disease (random).
158 A celestial lands next to the wielder.
159 zone of truth cast on everyone in 100 ft, no save.
160 Wielder turned into a polar bear for 1d4 days
161 Target turned into a polar bear for 1d4 days
162 Target or wielder (50% chance for either) becomes extremely obese, lowering his or her speed by 10 feet and their dex by 4 until they go on a diet for 1d6 weeks
163 Target or wielder (50% chance for either) becomes extrmely thin, giving them -2 to charisma, but a +4 to all escape artist checks until they eat double the normal food for 1 week
164 target dies (instant kill)
165 wielder or target (decided by coin flip) gains +1 CHA permanently
166 target starts to age in reverse (up to non-existence)
167 roll again my friend!:)
168 Wielder is attacked by 4d6 potatoes that explode within one round, each one does 1 point of force damage
169 Another rod of chance is created for 2d4 turns
170 Wielder gains 170 years if they are human, any longer living race gains 1700 years.
171 Purple haze clouds the wielder's mind
172 DM becomes a PC and the next random person walking by the table is the new DM.
173 Wielder or target (1d2) is given a hammer, a bell, and a song.
174 The wizard of the party turns into dire rat with a wand of Fireballs
175 Automatically changes class to commoner
176 everyone begins to talk about strange things like "Ike" and "The Ol' War Wound"
177 Wielder or target is ran over by a merchant's cart, no matter where they are and when.
178 you gain an adopted 7-year old!
179 Wielder is compelled to put down the rod of wonder and slap target creature with no attack of opportunity from defender
180 target goes through all the stages of pregnancy within d8+2 rounds
181 a chipmunk makes its home in your hair (if you have no hair then in your inventory)
182 your face looks literally like the back side of a barn (-3 to cha) for d8 days
183 you gain a levitating hammock for 5d8 rounds
184 you get d8+1 free skill ranks!
185 Rod fires 2d10 high quality miniature figurines at target (no damage).
186 2d20 incorporal Kobolds fall from the sky and revere the wielder as a God
187 Ted the Mind Flayer appears nearby, plane shifts away next turn
188 Target and wielder switch places.
189 Wielder polymorphs into a Kobold
190 Target polymorphs into a pixie
191 2d8 Kobolds fall from the sky and attack wielder
192 2d8 Kobolds fall from the sky and attack target
193 Wielder picks new race for self or target
194 Random small object on target are Animated and begin to relentlessly attack the target.
195 Target is killed or becomes unconscious (wielders choice)
196 DM Picks effect
197 Wielder gets one wish or miracle (50% chance for either)
198 Every player playing switches characters clockwise until the end of the session
199 Any and all effects caused by the rod revert back to normal.
200 You and all allies are planeshifted to a god's side

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