Rise of the needlebacks (5e Quest)

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Adventure Background[edit]

<-the needleback tribe has been lost for years but one brave adventurer found an ancient manuscript and decided to end this once and for all. the players are good friends of this adventurer and knew what he was doing. when he didn't come back the players decide to investigate. they go to the adventurers house and find a map of a portal to a needleback war camp. the players go through the portal and the adventure starts at the gate of the camp

secret: the needleback gods are angry for the human interruption an d declare war on the material plane. ->


<- the adventurers go into the camp and find out the plans in the first chapter than stop the invading army in the second.

recommended for players level 6-10 ->


<- Provide a few different examples of how the party could be dragged into this adventure. This makes it easier for your adventure to be incorporated into an existing campaign. ->


<- camp blade slice. ->

Step or Location[edit]

<- scene 1. gates:. ->


<- in front you is a large steel gate two guards stand in front and two guards stand atop in towers. there is a large crank attached to the right side of the gate and a small statue on the left side of the gate. secret: if the crank is pulled dc 14 the gate opens leading to section two. in any attempt to get near the crank a guard will approach you suspiciously and if annoyed signal the others to attack. the statue is a statue of Netrous (5e Deity). the gate walls are smooth steel with no chance of climbing. List everything which has actual mechanical importance, like traps, lighting, climb DCs for walls, hidden stuff, etc. ->


<- the guards are all Needleback warrior(5e creature) the two on the gate will only use needle throw and have half cover. If the step is also a location, list the things that live there ->


<- Describe them. If they're supposed to fight, give them a stat block, link to a creature entry, or give a page reference to the MM. ->


<- List how the scene can change over time due to character actions. ->


<-none List any treasure the players might acquire, and how they would acquire it. ->


scene 2. guardhouse


there are large holes in the walls for sleeping and a small fountain for washing in addition there is a hole for a bathroom. the only obgect in the room that has any relevance or importance is a large trunk.


<- What happens when the adventure is completed? ->


This is a transcript of everything to be awarded the players, and the conditions attached to those rewards, at the end of the adventure. Think of it as a sort of checklist to make sure everything was covered.


Combat Awards
Name of Foe XP per foe
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
Non-Combat Awards
Task or Accomplishment XP per Character
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->

The minimum total award for each character participating in this adventure is X experience points.

The maximum total award for each character participating in this adventure is X experience points.


The characters receive the following treasure, divided up amongst the party. Characters should attempt to divide treasure evenly whenever possible. Gold piece values listed for sellable gear are calculated at their selling price, not their purchase price.

Consumable magic items should be divided up however the group sees fit. If more than one character is interested in a specific consumable magic item, the DM can determine who gets it randomly should the group be unable to decide.

Permanent magic items are divided up according to a system. See the sidebar if the adventure awards permanent magic items.

Treasure Awards
Item Name Sale Value
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->
<-Name-> <-XP->

[[<- Unique Magic Item ->]][edit]

<- If the magic item exists only on this page, remove the header brackets, otherwise make the title a link to the page containing the item. <- Duplicate this section as many times as needed. ->


<- This is an actual effect generated by you doing something that hurt people who still exist in the setting. Think of it is a boon, but absolutely horrible. ->


<- In games which contain factions, this is where you would award renown for completing faction-related activities. ->


Each character receives <-X-> downtime days at the conclusion of this adventure.

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