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Ring, legendary

A set of these five rings exist somewhere around the world. Anyone who dons these five rings may clench their fist to have all five rings come into contact in your hand. When this happens, you cast a special type of Time Stop without expending any resources. The rings shatter and explode in your previous position dealing 10d8 force damage after time resumes. If you are outside while you are doing this, regardless of time, the sky will become pitch black. The longer you remain in stopped time, a big red eye will appear in the sky and once it reaches its maximum size, you teleport to an unknown demiplane. If you are indoors, you slowly become blind and when you become fully blind, you witness a giant red eye open in front of you, and you teleport to its demiplane. This demiplane is a gauntlet of challenges created by a sadistic god of strife. The gauntlet goes on for 2 miles and contains at least 250 Traps that trigger even in stopped time. All of which increase with difficulty as you get closer to an exit. At the end of a gauntlet is a crown that will allow you to escape. You may end the Time Stop at anytime by making a DC 20 Wisdom Saving throw. Time automatically resumes when you exit the demiplane or die.

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