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Ring of the Skinless: The ring is a dark shade of crimson red while a single white pearl gives it a touch of elegance. However, once put on, the pearl slowly turns black. If removed, the pearl becomes white once again.

This cursed ring, under any magical tests, appears as a ring of protection+2. However, once put on, the ring inflicts a terrible affliction in its victim. The skin of the wearer begins to melt, shrivel, decay, or crack but ultimately fall off. The process is nearly painless but can pose quite frightening for the wearer and his companions. After 1d6+2 hours the skin has been near completely removed only to be replaced by a thin transparent membrane that makes the afflicted appear skinless showing veins, muscles, tissues, etc.

At this point, the affected creature takes a (1d3) penalty to their natural AC. Their Charisma is also damaged by 3 points. This Charisma loss cannot drop a creature's score below 2. Lost Charisma points are regained once the affliction is cured. Nothing less than a heal spell can restore a creature's original skin. Unfortunately, if the ring is not removed before restoring the individual, the process begins again. Once worn, the ring bonds to its user and can only be removed if a remove curse spell is cast. If the ring is removed before the 1d6+2 hours have elapsed and the skin loss is complete, any skin lost reforms after 1 hour. Even if the ring is removed, the afflicted creature still needs nothing less than a heal spell to recover their skin.

CL ; Craft Wondrous Item, Bestow Curse, Disintegrate; Cost 15,000gp, 3,500xp, 5 days

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