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An elaborate golden band made up of uncountable wires woven around one another like affectionate serpents. At its peak is cradled an emerald heart, which glows bright and fierce as a thunderbolt held tenuously captive. It roars to life at the call of its name: "The World!"

At once, a sound like the weary grinding of a clock breathing its last fills the air, then time hardens and falls still. You stand alone, the only living thing in a world of statues. That is the awesome power of The World.

  • Cost 14,140,231 platinum, 240,000 xp, and twelve other Epic items of at least 1,000,000gp market value.
  • The Ring's power can be used only once per every 3 days.
  • Effect: time itself stops around you, providing a perfect opportunity. You can move and attack in frozen time, yet attacks do not effect their target until time's flow is restored. Time remains frozen for 1+(level/10 rounded down) actions, which to the outside world are done all at once, every one completed within an instant. Attack damage stacks here, and is transmitted as a single sum to the chosen target.
  • Effect 2: The longer one spends it stopped time, the greater peril they face. You find yourself slowed even when time returns, five actions resulting first in the loss of half your speed; seven reduces your maximum speed by three quarters, and at ten you are able to move only one square per round. These effects can be counteracted with a fortitude DC equivalent to the number of actions spent in frozen time, multiplied by 1.5, rounded up.
  • Effect 3: Enhanced Attack Rush (passive). While wearing the ring you can make one extra attack for every 10 points in your strength score; all of these take only one action to complete, with their speed increasing as needed.
  • Effect 4: StandBearer's Vigor (passive): your maximum health increases by your (intelligence score/2)

Stand Leveling[edit]

The World levels independently of you, and while its own level can be increased, doing so requires the sacrifice of your own experience. That is however a toll that most find well worth paying.

  • Level 1 125,000 xp: You can make 5 additional attacks with Enhanced Attack Rush, and your base ac increases by 1 point for every 5 in your strength score. Frozen time lasts for 2 extra actions, and while in frozen time, you regain hitpoints equal to (level+constitution/10). You cannot heal above your maximum.
  • Level 2: 250,000 xp: You can make twice your normal amount of attacks in Enhanced Attack Rush, and every one gains a +5 to crits. Frozen time lasts for 5 extra actions. While in frozen time you regain your constitution+level in hitpoints, and if this places you above your maximum, the remainder becomes temporary hp. This temporary hp does not vanish when you rest, and can be removed only by taking sufficient damage.
  • Level 3: 500,000 xp: You gain the ability Shatterpoint: Frozen Time deals 100+5d10+strength score+intelligence score damage to all creatures in a burst 2. Frozen Time can now be used twice per encounter.

For levels beyond 3 the xp requirement triples. The amount of attacks you can make in frozen time doubles with each level, as does the amount by which you can heal.

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