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A disk of deep purple and marbled gold, wide enough to cover the entire length of your finger, a cunning hinge allowing normal movement. Woven among the sea of lavender are small strands of cloudless-sky blue. These burn like molten steel when you call out its name: "Star Platinum!"

  • Cost: 1,401,120 platinum, 140,000 xp, and 6 epic items of no less than 500,000 gold in market value.
  • The ring's power can be used only once every 2 days.
  • Effect: Spectral arms of sleek purple rise from your own, lashing out with terrible speed and power, filling the air with deafening thunder, wringing meaningless cries from your lips; screams of "Ora ora ora ora!" Make twice your normal amount of attacks this round, dealing additional damage with each equivalent to: strength score+(level/12 rounded down). Every attack made with these is granted a +3 to critical hits. Every critical hit made increases the damage of your next attack by 25%.

Stand Leveling[edit]

Star Platinum levels separately, and can only increase his level by taking experience from his user.

  • Level 1 (150,000 xp): attack rush now deals your strength score + your level in damage. You gain 5 additional hp for every 10 points in your fortitude.
  • Level 2 (200,000 xp): you can now make four times your normal amount of attacks this round, and every attack has a +5 to critical hits. Every critical hit made increases the damage of your next attack by 35%
  • Level 3 (600,000 xp): You gain the encounter power Ultimate Attack Rush: make 1d4+4+(strength modifier/2) attacks. Every attack gains a bonus of 4+level and ignores armor. Any creature hit with this attack is knocked prone. Additionally, every critical hit increases the damage of your next attack by 50%, and adds half of the damage dealt to you as temporary hp.
  • Level 4 (800,000 xp): You gain the ability: The World, which can be used once every 5 days. You freeze time for 1 action, and in frozen time your attacks deal twice their normal damage. Attack rush cannot be used in frozen time.
  • Leveling past 4: xp requirements triple, and the amount of attacks made increases by 2+strength modifier. The damage dealt by each attack is multiplied by (2+stand level+strength score), and the critical bonus increases by 1 (until it reaches +10). The critical hit damage bonus increases by 2% with each level, as does the hp bonus.

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