Ring of the Sacred Stand: Magician's Red (3.5e Equipment)

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A ring of woven copper that glows bright red beneath even the dimmest light. It seems rather unassuming, a cheap band whose stone is nothing more than a small image of a bird's head carved of crimson glass. Its name rings in your head, and calling it out unleashes a mighty power: "Magician's Red!"

  • Cost: 150,968,102 pp, 123,980 xp
  • Special Searing Blaze (Daily): a creature manifests behind you; a towering monster with an athletic warrior's bare chest, arms that end in hooked claws, and a falcon's proud visage. Its body is wreathed in fire, which flows forth at your unspoken command, engulfing anything unfortunate enough to stand in your way. +(8+intelligence score/5) vs reflex. Creates a field of fire that can be moved at will, and takes up a burst 3; any creature starting their turn in this field takes your intelligence modifier in damage, and cannot do anything but attempt to escape. The target also suffers ongoing damage equivalent to your level (save ends). On miss, the target is stunned.
  • Special: Ignescent Hand (passive). While wearing Magician's Red, you gain a +1 for every 5 points of fortitude to all attacks using fire , be it spells or mundane things like torches.
  • special Flaming Talons: all unarmed attacks deal bonus fire damage equivalent to your intelligence modifier/10

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