Ring of the Sacred Stand: Hermit Purple (3.5e Equipment)

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A ring of woven lavender thorns that jut haphazardly from the disks surface. Its a thin affair of tangled metal, nothing most would consider valuable, much less impressive. Even its gemstone, a pale purple sphere clasped in tendrils ragged and weary seems worth less than than the glass used to make it. But call its name, and you will swiftly learn the power it hides beneath that ramshackle facade: "Hermit Purple!"

  • Cost: 1,140,120 pp, 98,000 xp
  • special Perfect Restraint. Tendrils of thorn laden light flash from your outstretched hand, wrapping around your target with blinding speed and surprising strength. +(7+dex score/10) vs reflex. Targets one creature in a burst 3. If successful, the target is restrained, and takes (4+intelligence modifier/10) damage at the start of every turn made in Perfect Restraint. Save ends.
  • special Divination. Once per day, create a perfect map of your surroundings, or choose any target you wish, and create a portrait of their current appearance and location. Even items can be revealed in this way, granting a permanent (5+intelligence score/15) to all search and spot checks. Any creature revealed with Divination is permanently marked, and can be tracked with a minor action.

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