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Ring of the Dragon: This finely crafted Gold Diamond Ring holds the essence of a dragon's power. While wearing this you have a dramatically increased sense of security in your own abilities. Whenever you see a horde of gold coins you must make a DC 20 Will saving throw or succumb to a lust for gold so strong, that you drop whatever you are doing and attempt to obtain all of it for your own "horde". All dragons can sense the ring from within 200 feet while it is being worn. Additionally, whenever you are insulted you must make a DC 15 Will saving throw or go into a rage, attacking the insulter with deadly intent for 1d6 rounds. A "horde" of gold coins is determined by your DM.

  • Damage reduction 5
  • +4 resistance bonus to all saving throws
  • Fast healing 2
  • As long as the ring is worn, the wearer can grow a set of dragon wings (over night) which lets them fly at a speed of 30 ft. If the wearer already has wings granted to him/her from any source, this ring improves the flight speed by 20 ft.
  • Whenever the wearer of this ring is attacked with a melee weapon, the weapon must make a DC 20 Fort save or be shattered into pieces.

Strong enchantment, transmutation;CL 15; Craft Wondrous Item; Cost Gold Diamond Ring, Dragon's tooth; Weight: 1 IB lb.; Market Price: 70,000 gp

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