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Ring of Theme Songs: This ring is engraved with a music note on the silver band. As a free action, whoever wears the ring may choose a song. The ring will emanate this song as a background theme. There is no limit to the duration of the song. You can decide when you want this song to end.

If you have a feared reputation among creatures of an opposite alignment, any creatures of an opposite alignment who hear your most used theme must make a Will save DC 10 + (Character Level - Creature level) + Charisma Modifier or become frightened. Those who fail by 10 or more become panicked. This is a natural reaction and thus needs no extra spells. And if you have levels of bard you are counted as 1 level higher then you are when determining bardic musics known.

Faint Illusion;CL 1; Forge Ring, ghost sound; Market Price: 901 gp

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