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Ring of Nightly Guidance: "Remember, you'll find your own magic if you simply follow the thread." -Great Great Grandmother Irene (The Princess and the Goblin)

When placed underwater and a location is spoken, this silver ring leads a line of fey-spun thread (Spot DC 35 to see) to the place indicated. The thread is only in existence at night, and vanishes every sunrise. If the sun rises when you are on your way to the location it's leading, you must specify the location again the next night. If the area that you want the thread to lead you to is not spoken or asked in enough detail, it will lead to the nearest location that fits the spoken description. This ring only leads to areas and locations, not to items or objects.

Note: This ring may not necessarily lead you to the location by the most direct route, in fact, you may find yourself going on quite the detour, but the thread will always lead you to the location asked.

Moderate DC 20 Divination;CL 12; Forge Ring, Find the Path; Activation: See Description; Weight: NA lb.; Market Price: 144000 gp

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