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The Ring of Borrowed Mastery: This useful item steals feats permanently from an unfortunate target, and makes them available to the wielder. The effect is identical to that of the Feat Leech power, but the duration is permanent unless the item is destroyed.

ML: 3rd

Design Notes

Continuous effect (base): 2,000gp

2nd-level Power (x2): 4,000gp

ML 3rd (x3): 12,000gp

Duration normally measured in minutes (x2): 24,000gp

Gameplay Notes

The power description states: "If the duration of feat leech is extended by the use of a metapsionic feat, the target gains a Will saving throw every 10 minutes beyond the normal duration." By RAW, the additional saving throws do not apply here, since the duration has been extended via the use of an item, not "by the use of a metapsionic feat."

Note that you lose the benefit of the feats when the victim dies. So in theory, a working ring also necessarily implies the presence of a pissed-off psionic character or creature somewhere in the world, who has doubtless figured out that destroying the ring is the only way to get their feats back.

In the meantime, however, the ring offers an excellent way to access a few extra feats for an extended period of time. Note that any prestige class abilities or other feats which are predicated on stolen feats will be instantly unavailable if anything -- be it revenge by the victim, theft, or an antipsionic effect -- disrupts the ring's normal operation.

Stealing From Yourself

If constructing a ring of borrowed mastery from scratch, or filling an empty one, an alternative to stealing feats from another is to borrow them from yourself. First, use Psychic Reformation and change as many of your feats as possible to desired psionic feats. Hire out the construction of a Simulacrum, steal your own psionic feats, then Imprison your knock-off. Once you have duplicates of your current psionic feats, use Psychic Reformation again to get your old feats back.

Ring of Borrowed Mastery, Greater

To take it up a notch when money is no object, add a continuous Thieving Mindlink effect to the ring (4th level power x ML 7th x 10 min/level x continuous = 84,000gp). On the other hand, this is an expensive modification to get a single power. Psychic Chirurgery will be the better choice in most cases, despite the xp cost.

CL ; ; Market Price: 24,000gp

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