Ring of Backup Plan (3.5e Equipment)

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Ring of Backup Plan[edit]

A ring for the most reckless.

If an attack would kill the character wearing this ring, they are teleported to the nearest safe location with 0 hp as an immediate action. For the purposes of this effect, a safe location is any place where the environment/local life doesn't pose an immediate threat. Generally, this is relatively close to where the attack took place, often mere miles from the battle site. This ring is not affected by anti-magic and magic altering effects while worn. It also cannot be destroyed or removed by a trap. If the hand the ring is on is removed (assuming this wouldn't cause the player's death) the ring's power is negated until it is retrieved and re-equipped. This ring's effect only activates when its owner is the recipient of a direct attack, one which the owner is specifically targeted. If the owner's life is threatened by an indirect source such as a miasma, or the ongoing effects of poison or disease, the ring's effect fails to activate.

Moderate Evocation; CL 12; Forge Ring, teleport, contingency; Price 6,500 gp

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