Ring of Arbata Inferna (3.5e Equipment)

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Ring of Arbata Inferna
Exotic One-Handed
Critical: 19-20/x2
Range Increment: 10 ft.
Type: Slashing
Hardness: 20
Size Cost1 Damage Weight1 hp
Fine * 1d3+5 * 1
Diminutive * 1d4+5 * 3
Tiny * 1d6+5 * 7
Small 50,000gp 1d8+5 3 lb. 15
Medium 50,000gp 1d10+5 6 lb. 30
Large 50,000gp 2d8+5 12 lb. 60
Huge * 3d8+5 * 120
Gargantuan * 4d8+5 * 240
Colossal * 6d8+5 * 480
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.

Aura= Strong demonic aura when active/Weak demonic aura when dormant, Caster level 25, school: enchantment.

The Ring of Arabata Inferna is a morphing demonic ring capablie of forming into any melee weapon the wielder desires.

It is all but expected for devils to be at odds with at least one other devil. While this tension is usally kept in check by a demanding hierarchy system, every now and then the hatred between two demons becomes to great for ether to tolerate. Underhanded messures usally follow suit. Such is the case with the two deamon lords Arzial and Morthos.

Morthos, being the stronger of the two demon lords, often toyed with Arzial and forced him to hunt for rare materials for his forge. For centuries this went on and on, untill one day Morthos and the succubus Orianna bore a child named Kallista. Arzial knew that this child would be his tool of revenge, but he was unable to approach the child without risking the rath of Morthos, and so he waited.

As the years drug by the child grew and adventualy fell in love with the teifling hero Damakos. This union was made at the expense of her and her father's bond, which lead to Kallista joining her beloved Damakos on the material plain. Outraged Morthos forged a blade capabile of consuming the souls of the fallen, intending to have the teifling slane with it. Arzial, Morthos's lackey, was given the task of slaying the man. So on one long summer day on the material plain Arzial maskerading as a young boy, who often visted the Damakos's house to help with chores. Creaping into the house surching for his pray he soon found Kallista sitting in her drawing room passed out on a book. Apon seeing thia a devilish idea formed in his mind, he could imprission his master's favorite daughter in his own creation. Knowing that not eveb Morthos him self would be able to free her from the blade he crept closer inch by inch, untill he was but a half step away. He stood bastard sword in hand and impaled her, sucking her soul into the blade forever binding it to the blade. After such an act he knew he would have to hide from Morthos, but he wanted his revenge to sting even deeper so he took the ring from Kallista's hand and set it into the sword's pomil with strong magics mixing the two enchanted items. After which he carved Morthos's mark into the floor, placing the sword in the center. Soon after, Arzial sensed Damakos aproching the house. With his false lead laid he shifts into back into his home plane, leaving Damakos to find his wife.

As Damakos enters the house he frezzes, the air is still and smells of fresh blood. He calls for his wife, and apon hearing no anser tears through the house surching for her. At last he enters the drawing room and sees her slumped over the table, greaf stricken he runs to her. Apon reaching her he tests her pulse only to find that she has passed on, he then franticly looks around for anything of use when his eyes fall apon the sword in the center if the room. He slowly aproches reading the infernal symbol carved into the floor. Recognizing the symbol he assumes that Kallista's father has had her killed for disobeying him. In great greif and rage he carrys his wife to the temple of the nine for burial. Several days pass, durring which Damakos gathers three companions to thravel with him into the Abyse to slay Morthos. Amoung these companions is his brother Leucis.

Over the next several mounths, Damakos and his band travel the abyse, slaying all manner of beast, surching for Morthos. After what would be three mounths on the material plain they find Morthos's forge, a large adamanitum anivil and hellfire forge used to forge the greatest blades in all of the abyss, after which they sit and wait for Morthos to return. It is little more then an hour befor they hear his thundering footsteps, a minute more passes befor they see him stomping draging what seams to be a male human by the hair. Alothough Damakos and his compaions don't relise it Morthos is actully draging Arzial, the true killer of Kallista. Seeing this Damakos and his companions charge Morthos, causing him to drop Arzial. A raging battle presues in which Arzial excapes and both of Damakos's nameless companions are killed. The tide of battle is heavly in Morthos's favor untill Leucis circles behind Morthos, and with one great swing severs his left arm. Morthos fell to the ground in pain, and as Damakos steped forward to dilever the final blow, his sword awakened for the first time. Startled by the sudden presence of his decesed wife's mind in his own, he

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