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Ring, uncommon (requires attunement)

You bring your shoulders back and slowly forward and wings appear on your back. Your flying speed is equal to your walking speed, the sprouted wings last for 10 minutes before the user needs to land and rest; The wings will slowly begin to lose luminosity when the time limit is nearly reached, after half an hour of resting the wings they may be used again for the allocated time. The wings require sun light or moon light to work, so the wings can not be used underground or in complete darkness. The wings have an altitude limit

These kinds of rings were created by the Alfheim government because there was at one time a huge number of squibs in Alfheim and so to compensate for their lack of magic the king gave them these rings to allow them flight and base magic. These rings have since evolved so that one does not acquire magic when it is worn. The gem color is dependent upon the wings.


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