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Entry Requirements
Alignment: <-Any Non Good->.
Skills: <-Knowledge (Planes) 8 Ranks->.
Feats: <-Weapon Focus (Scythe)->. Special: <-Speed 50 ft->.

Table: The <-Rifter->

Hit Die: d<-D10->

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1st +2 + + + <-Feat Power Attack, Deathsight->
2nd +4 + + + <-Execution 1/day->
3rd +6 + + + <-Rupture 1/day->
4th +8 + + + <-->
5th +10 + + + <-Execution 2/day->
6th +14 + + + <-->
7th +18 + + + <-Rupture 2/day->
8th +22 + + + <-Joy of the Kill->
9th +26 + + + <-->
10th +30 + + + <-RiftWalk-> 11th +35 + + + <--> 12th +40 + + + <-Execution 3/day-> 13th +50 + + + <-Rupture 3/day-> 14th +65 + + + <--> 15th +80 + + + <-Executioner->

Class Skills (<-4-> + Int modifier per level)
<-Balance, Escape Artist, Intimidate, Knowledge (The planes), Listen, Ride, Sense Motive, Spot, Tumble->.

Class Features[edit]

<-Deathsight->: <-Rifters are able to see the vitality of those who sorround him. Rifters can see how many HP a creature has. This ability is always active for them and does not have a range limit. The information obtained by this ability can't be shared with any other party members->

<-Execution->: <-Rifters are the personifications of death and they will make sure to be the last thing their victims see. At level 2th, once per day Rifters gain the ability to execute a creature that has less than 15 + (15/level) as a standard action. This ability can be used 2/day at level 5th and 3/day at level 12th->

<-Rupture->: <-Rifters use the high speeds to hit up to 3 enemies withing 20 feet of each other as a spell-like ability once per day. Attacks from this ability can use the Power attack bonus or they can be susbstituted with Executions. This ability can be used 2/day at level 7th and 3/day at level 13th->

<-Joy of the Kill->: <-On a successful Execution Rifters get invigorated , roll 1d100 for the following bonuses: 01-70 (Recover 5 + (5/level) hp), 71-90 (Recover 10 + (10/level) hp), 91-100 (Next attack with your weapon doubles the Power attack bonus used on the hit)->

<-Riftwalk->: <-Death comes in the blink of an eye. Rifters make sure of this moving at high speeds through the planes and appearing wherever they want to, making enemies think they dissapear. This is a passive ability gained at level 10 th which makes the Rifter uncapable of generating opportunity attacks when moving or using Rupture. Also, they no longer take speed penalty for passing through terrains nor they need a skill check to move through terrain (i.e. Climb)->

<-Executioner->: <-Rifter attacks now execute any creature with less than 5 + (5/level) hp on an Attack roll check DC 15, this is taken an a minor Execution. This triggers Joy of the Kill. This attacks don't use any of the Regular Executions->


<-Rifters that lose their 50 ft Speed for any reason, are unable to use Rupture nor Riftwalk. Rifters that become good can no longer use any abilities from this class.->

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