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Riders were once the servants of alien gods.

Physical Description[edit]

Riders are taller than humans, and they have grey hair that floats in the air.


Once, a Rider was sent to the material plane to assimilate it, but he was imprisoned. A desperate human, known to him as The Voice, helped him escape and destroy the rider's god. Some riders joined the rebel, and the others were slaughtered.


Riders live in hidden villages, not unlike elves.

Rider Names[edit]

Rider names are always "The ---" Examples include The Chain, The Hand and The Stranger. Male and Female names have no distinguishing features.

Rider Traits[edit]

Riders are Alien clones that rebelled and chose to side with humanity. They were made to be the ultimate combatants, but due to thier clone nature, thay have difficulty with resisting possession, among other things.
Ability Score Increase. +2 to STR, DEX and CON, -2 to CHA. You are the ultimate combatant.
Age. Riders live twice as long as humans.
Alignment. Riders tend toward good, but a small few are evil.
Size. Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 45 feet. Your speed is unfathomable.
Alien Resistance. Resistance to Poison and Lightning damage.
Alien Instincts. You gain proficiency with martial weapons and medium armor.
Divine Righteousness. Riders have a spark of divinity in them because of the god thier ancestor slew. This gives them a +1 to AC.
Languages. Common and Illithid, Celestial or Abyssal.

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