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Rhino's rush + monted charge with a lance[edit]


If i use a Rhino's Rush spell during a charge (with a spear and a month), what i the final multiplier ?

Exemple: 18str, paladin 6

Str bonus +6 (2-handle weapon)

Power attack bonus : +6

Weapon domage : 1D8 (let's take 4)

normal dommage : 4 + (str) 6 + (power attack)12 = 22

Rhino's rush alone : 22 * 2 = 44

Spear attack weapon with monted charge = 22 * 2 = 44

What happend with all : (rihno's rush spell and monted spear attack) = 22 * 3 ? or 22 * 4 ?

Description of the Rhino's rush spell is "DOUBLE the domage", but Is the logic the same as for every dommage multiplier ?

Other question: Can I share "Rhino's rush" speel with my paladin mount ?


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The multiplier would be x3 (see SRD:Basics#Multiplying. Two problems though:
  1. Spears do not deal double damage on a charge (you're thinking of lances).
  2. Rhino's Rush applies when you are charging. If you're on a mount, it's your mount that's is charging. You receive the +2 bonus to attack, and the AC penalty, from that charge, but that's it. Marasmusine (talk) 01:15, 24 September 2013 (MDT)
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