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Physical Description[edit]

Revenants are immortal beings that were once humanoids, but were revived after death via a parasite that mutates their bodies.

Although they take over the hosts body they must keep a rough approximation their hosts original races only changing small things.

These changes are usually things like haveing different eye or hair colour and slightly different facial features.

A revenant has unparalleled stamina and are capable of regenerating from what other races would consider fatal wounds.

If the host’s body dies, the parasite can revive them, though doing so causes the revenant to loose a part of their memories. This can eventually lead them to fall in to madness.

Revenants need to drink blood to keep their parasite satiated and unless this thirst is quelled, a revenant can loose their minds and succumb to madness.

If treated in time the madness can be reversed, but if left too long the revenant mind is perminently changed becoming twisted and feral lashing out at everyone and everything around them.

If they are lucky they simply turn evil and malevolent still keeping all of their previous cunning touched with a hint of insanity.


The mutation of the host body causes memory loss, due to the lose of memory upon infection not a lot is known of their over all history; a side from the odd mention in history books of individuals with extraordinary abilities because of their outward apperance most revenants are often mistaken for other races.

There are rumours that revenants were a result of a mad liches experiments on vampires, others say that they are merely a sub race of vampire. These rumours are few and far between and unfortunately the truth may never be known.


Since Revenants can take a host from the dead of other races revenants tend to settle in places where the host body was taken this helps them to blend in with locals.

Most tend to settle in the town or city that their host lived and commonly approach local lords to setup a blood Pact (A set of treaties exchanging Blood from willing donors for Laobr and/or Magical services) in order to assimilate into society Peacfully.

Their are others that see them self's and their kin as superior and reject this way of living in pease with the commoners.

They tend to setup a cabal of 5 or more, Each member of the cabal will become the head of a wing in order to dominate the locals through subterfuge and criminal activity to supplant the local lords.

Cabal heads act as crime bosses who's roles over see slavers, blood bankers, enforcers and informants.

Revenant Names[edit]

Remnant naming conventions depends on the race they originated from.

Revenant Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Age. The parasite of a revenant halts any aging that could otherwise occur, thus leaving them in the same physical age that they were turned eternally.
Alignment. Although the parasite’s consciousness takes over the host body, some remaining memory from the host affect the parasite, thus causing their alignment to hold no general lean.
Size. Revenants are the size of the host if not a foot and a few inchs taller than average and there weight is based on the host with 8-10 lbs added to account for the parasite.
Speed. Your base walking/flight speed is the same as the host.
Remnant. As a revenant your host body is that of another race. You gain one feature from that race. Additionally, you may choose one ability affected by your chosen race’s ability score increase to increase as listed.
Unparalleled Regeneration. Thanks to your parasite, you can heal much faster than most races. Any healing effect from potions, spells, class abilities and hit dice are doubled.
Unparalleled Constitution. Your parasite gives your body an increased tolerance to poisons and toxins. You have advantage on Constitution saving throws against diseases and poison.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, the native tounge of the host and one other language of your choice.

Optional Racial Features[edit]

Death Run

This optional rule is meant to emulate the loss of memory and the madness that occurs because of it.

When the revenant dies they lose all experience progression gained towards their next level up; this experience is then held in a crystal at the location of the characters death.

If the revenant is able retrieve the memories they regain the previously lost experience.

If a character dies again before this experience can be restored they loose the experience permanently; and also gain a level of madness.

Madness mechanic

Madness in a revenant is caused by a lack of drinking blood or memory lose caused by repeated deaths without recovering the memory crystal.

For every 3 days a revenant goes with drinking at least one rations worth of humanoid blood a revenant gains a level of frenzy. A revenant can drink non-humanoid blood but its effects are weaker in comparison (the level of difference is decided by the GM).

Madness works the same way as effects as exhaustion but can only be removed by drinking humanoid blood or a suitable substitute.

1. Disadvantage of ability checks.

2. Constitution rolls and saves have -3.

3. Disadvantage on attack rolls and saving throws.

4. Hit point maximum halved.

5. Difficulty telling friend from foe.

6. Complete madness.

Upon reaching complete madness this character should be consider a monster or hostile npc; with all previous negative effects of madness removed.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 9″ ++2d8 185 lb lb. × (* 1d6 lb) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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