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Weapon (any weapon that does not deal bludgeoning damage), uncommon

A weapon, made purely out of the tainted ivory found on repugnant impalers. A valuable and difficult material to work with, alongside its horrid smell makes it a rare choice for very few. However, the horns ability to produce more poison even after removal makes it a powerful option for the noseblind.

Poisonous. When you deal damage with this weapon, and roll maximum damage, you deal an extra two die of damage, of the highest die the weapon deals. This damage is Poison, and this damage cannot trigger Poisonous.

This weapon has 3 charges. When Poisonous is used, you lose one charge. This weapon regains all charges at dawn.

For example, if you make an attack with a Repugnant Horn greatsword, and roll two sixes for damage, you deal an additional 2d6 Poison damage.

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