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Replica Lance of Longinus (3.5e Equipment)

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These weapons are replicas of the Lance of Longinus, as the name implies. They are considered minor artifacts because they were once mass-produced, and because they pale in comparison with the original Lance. The feat Exotic Weapon Proficiency:Lance of Longinus means the wielder is always counted as proficient with wielding one, regardless of their proficiencies with its base forms.

A Replica Lance is, in its default form, a +1 Colossal Two-Bladed Sword variant. It inflicts Slashing damage. A wielder is considered proficient with it if they are proficient with a Two-Bladed Sword. Its damage dice are 6d6/6d6. A wielder can fight with it as if wielding a one-handed weapon and a light weapon. This incurs the normal penalties for fighting with two weapons, but the wielder uses their dominant hand's Attack Bonus sequence for both ends. (So a creature with Base Attack Bonus +15 would be able to make 6 attacks at +16/+16/+11/+11/+6/+6.) In addition it may be used to fight as if wielding two weapons even when held only in one hand, at an additional -3 penalty to the off-hand attacks, as long as the other hand is not used to attack. It may be thrown with a Range Increment of 2640 feet (1/2 of a mile). In this form, a Replica Lance can used to make Trip Attacks, providing a +1 bonus on the roll to trip and the roll to avoid being tripped if the trip attempt fails, by a proficient wielder.

When a Replica Lance is obstructed by a magical or psionic barrier, including Miss Chances, Armor Bonuses, being in an ethereal state, Walls of Force, or anything else the Dungeon Master deems appropriate, it will transform into its secondary form, and automatically trigger all Replica Lances being wielded in a vicinity of 10 miles to transform as well. This transformation takes 1 round, and allows the target of the attack that triggered it a Reflex save opposing the wielder's attack roll (after changing the bonus to account for its new form), which if successful voids the attack. In its secondary form, a Replica Lance closely resembles the Lance of Longinus's Bident form. It now does 8d8 Slashing and Bludgeoning, or Piercing damage, and a wielder is considered proficient if they are proficient with any Martial or Exotic polearm. To a proficient wielder, it now provides a +2 bonus on Trip Attacks (including the defensive roll), can be set against a charge with a Ready Action, to do double damage, provides a +2 bonus on Disarm attempts, including the roll to avoid being Disarmed in turn if the Disarm attempt fails, and causes Disarm attempts to not provoke an Attack of Opportunity. In its second form, it ignores all Damage Reduction, Miss Chances, and Magic and Psionic protections.

A Replica Lance has a limited time it can be in its secondary form. After an hour it will revert to its initial form and be unable to return to its secondary form until it has been laid down for 8 hours, equivalent to sleep. A wielder of a Replica Lance can revert it to its default time as a Full-Round Action. If the wielder does so, the Replica Lance will be able, upon transforming again without 8 hours' rest, to remain in its secondary form for up to an hour minus the time it was in its secondary form earlier.

If a creature is slain by a Replica Lance in its secondary form, it must make a DC 60 Will save or its body will be reduced to an orange liquid that is similar to blood. If the Will save is below 30 their soul will also be destroyed.

A Replica Lance's Hardness is 15 and it has 720 HP in its primary form. In its secondary form its Hardness increases to 20 and its Hit Points increase to 960. If it has 240 HP or less when it reverts to its primary form, it will have 1 HP remaining instead of breaking. It will regain 30 HP if it is laid down for 8 continuous hours in a day in a process analogous to sleep; if it is left down for a full day and night it will regain 60 HP.

A Replica Lance's Break DC is 60 in its primary form and 80 in its secondary form.

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