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How many caskets do we have? Because we're going to need three more, no matter how this turns out.
—Rygar Bronzesteel, Dwarven Fighter
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Rendisha is the Valgorian goddess of Air. She is also known as The Wind Warden.

Greater Deity
Symbol: Pair of Wings
Home Plane: Valgora
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Air, Weather, Law
Clergy Alignments: True Neutral
Domains: Air
Favored Weapon: Bow


Rendisha is a turbulent Goddess known for quick spurts of anger or love.


Sailors pray to Rendisha for safe passage by asking for "The Wind's Guidance".

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clerics of Rendisha are found in major and minor areas all across Ghikva, Hesjing, and even Malsvir. They are usually called upon to every major ship's maiden voyage, as they are looked at as the mediators of Rendisha.

The most common gathering of followers is in the settlements of those capable of flight.

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