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The Cloak[edit]

"The cloak is black with white puffs of clouds embroidered in silk."

On activation, the cloak becomes rigid and triangular, this grants the wearer the ability to glide. For every five feet that the wearer falls, they can move forty foreward. Alternatively, the wearer could glide in a circle to lessen falling damage. Three times per day, the user can use the cloak to glide upward at the same speed.

The Legend[edit]

This cloak was made by a rogue-wizard named Remod Dirk. Rumor has it that the idea came to him one day while he was attempting to flee from the scene of a robery. He had been chased to the roof of a tall building by the guard and the shopkeeper. Knowing his options, Remod jumped off of the building, grabbed the ends of his cloak and used his last spell for the day. The cloak became rigid; just as planned. Remod glided away and escaped the guard... that time.

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