Reflexive Repulsion Armor (3.5e Equipment)

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Keep in mind this should be only used in "Modern" or highly technologically advanced settings. it is possible for eberron with "Magical charge" instead of the battery.

Reflexive Repulsion Armor (RRA) is a special suit that is made with a material that hardens when electrically charged that carries a small rechargeable battery that is used to deploy the charge to harden the material absorbing impact from any damage other than magical, as physical impact is needed for it to protect. while uncharged, it is soft as silk making movement in it very easy. however, it can only absorb up to 10 hits before the battery runs out, needing you to plug it somewhere to recharge.

Favored among stealth operatives for it's light-as-clothes profile, even if it's incredible protection is severely limited in uses.

Note: the electric charge is insignificant and does not even bother even flies


AC bonus +8 Max Dexterity bonus: like clothes Weight: 0.5 lbs Gimmick:after 10 hits that strike it, ac bonus becomes 0

Cost: 800 Gold

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