Refined Tremorsense (5e Feat)

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Refined Tremorsense

Prerequisites: Character must have Tremorsense
Your sense of touch has become more refined, allowing use of Tremorsense in ways you hadn't previously thought of.

You can feel earth that isn't connected to the ground, along with anything connected to it that gives off vibrations you can detect.

If you have at least 5 feet of movement remaining during or after your turn, you can use a reaction to move out of the way of a projectile before it can hit you, as long as you know it is coming before the attack launches. If the attack would deal bludgeoning damage and doesn't weigh more than 20 lbs., you can catch it instead.

You can tell if someone is lying by feeling changes to their heartbeat. You must use your concentration (As if concentrating on a spell) to tell if an individual is lying, and can only focus on one creature at a time this way.

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