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Redemptos Pantheon[edit]

The gods and goddesses of the Redemptos pantheon are no stranger to those who met an untimely end. They often bring those who were wronged back to life so that they might have a second chance at life. They encourage those they bring back to redeem themselves or to seek retribution.

Greater Deities[edit]

Yato: Yato is a god of calamity. followers of Yato are those who were revived by him. he prefers to revive those of Chaotic alignment and has never revived anyone of an evil alignment. Upon revival the word "Yuki" is marked onto the back of the former corpse's dominant hand. Yato requests that 5 CP be given in exchange for any wish he grants, including the revival. His holy symbol is a CP sized gold coin with a simple crown engraved onto both sides.

Yona: Yona is a goddess of courage. She charges nothing. Her symbol is a cherry blossom pink background and a crimson sun with violet highlights placed on top.

Lesser Deities[edit]

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