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Red Mountain Ogres[edit]

Uses the Ogre as a character from the monster manual as a base. The Red Mountain Ogre follows the same balancing.


The Red Mountain Ogres come from the Mountain called Red Mountain. The mountain is actually a semi-active volcano. They harvest obsidian, diamonds, gold, and other gems and metals, from the volcano to make a wide range of items; including weapons, armor, tools, and many other items. Like many societies, there is a mixture of order and chaos, "ordered chaos," within the Red Mountain homestead. Red Mountain Ogres have become very reliant to heat and fire due to the many years living in a volcanic environment.


Red Mountain Ogres can have a wide range of personalities. They value hard work, strength, and fair pay. Never try to cheat them, because they will not hesitate to make sure they get their pay.

Physical Description[edit]

Red Mountain Ogres share a lot of the same physical appearances of their cousins, with very thick and tough hair and skin. Their hair and skin color can range from shades of red, brown, brass, ash, and other earth tones.


Red Mountain Ogres are rarely found in human society, but not so rare among the dwarven and Ogres clans due to trade between the clans.


Usually, but not limited to, any neutral.

Racial Traits[edit]

Giant Bonuses[edit]

Red Mountain Ogres start with four levels of giant which provide:

  • 4d8 additional Hit dice.
  • A base attack bonus of +3.
  • Fortitude bonus of +4.
  • Reflex bonus of +1
  • Will bonus of +1

Racial Skills[edit]

The four levels of giant also provide:

  • Skill points: 7x(2+Int modifier, minimum 1)

The class skills are:

  • Climb
  • Craft-Any
  • Jump
  • Listen
  • Spot

Bonus Feats[edit]

The giant levels provide:

  • Two bonus Feats
  • Automatically proficient in: simple and martial weapons, light and medium armor, and shields.

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