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The Red Claw: The Red Claw is a +1 kama.

It is a ritual weapon enchanted with a cocktail of tribal magic of certain barbarous tribes. It is primarily decorative and usualy sports a number of feathers or strings of colored beads from its head. It's traditional purpous is to be crafted in pairs by aspireing shamans and used for a cerimonial right of passage battle with a large predator. They have been reproduced by more civilised cultures at times for use in warfare, but are nigh impossible to find in sizes other than small and medium in this manner, as noted above it should not usualy be available for sale in sizes other than medium, small, and large, and costs considderably more for large wielders.

The magic of the Red Claw requires a blood sacrifice to be made, those who spill even a few drops of their own blood activate it, and imediately enter a rage-like state. They recieve a +1 (+2 in the case of rageing barbarians, cumulative with the efect of their rage) to dammage and hit rolls for 1D2+1 hours. In the hands of a rageing barbarian or a ranger the Red claw counts as a light weapon, and in addition reduces the penalty for fighting with a weapon in each hand by 1 (for example, a rageing barbarian with a longsword in one hand and a Red Claw in the other with the two weapon fighting feat a STR modifier of +4 and a base attack bonus of +1 would recieve a +4 bonus to attack rolls with the Red Claw) Those efected by the Red claws magic also receive a -2 penalty to their flat footed AC, and a +2 to their Hide and Move Silently skills. Finaly, against targets larger than the wielder, the Red Claw adds an additional +1 to hit and dammage.

In Ebberon, Red Claws would be ideal as a weapon for halflings in the Talenta Plains.

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