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Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

The red chest of conversing (red chest) is a semi-sentient item that has the ability to morph its form in response to environmental factors and threats that are encountered. The items default appearance is a small, red chest that is banded with brass. This small chest weighs 15 lbs and holds 6 cubic feet or 100 lbs. of items.

The Red Chest was created long ago by three wizard brothers who used the chest to converse together over great distances. This enabled the advances achieved by one brother to be taught (or boasted) to the others. Over time, one of the brothers fell under the control of a powerful demon who captured the soul of the brother. While initially dismayed at this turn of events, the two remaining brothers were quick to take advantage of a ‘safe’ line of communication to a being of incredible power and knowledge. For reasons of its own, the demon was content to communicate with the remaining brothers. No doubt hoping to capture the souls of the remaining wizards. The fate of the remaining two Red Chests is unknown, and any being encountering the chests would be in great danger from the corrupting influence of the demon.

I believe that I have found one of the chests, it is in the keep of that northern noble, Count Haselba of Hindhills, near Silverymoon. Over the past 2 years he has rapidly increased his ability as a mage, and a review of his Admission Documents to the Red Tower show him to be an inept wizard at best. He was only accepted due to influence he could provide. But I need to be careful, one of those deep gnomes out of Blingdenstone has been showing an inordinate amount of interest in my investigations. - Red Tower Scribes Note

Communicate. You can use a bonus action to speak a command word to open the chest if it is within 60 feet of you. If another red chest conversing is open, a link is established between the chests and creatures can verbally communicate through it.

Ring Bell. If you are within 60 feet of chest and it is open, you can use a bonus action to cause a bell to ring at all other closed chests.

Teleport Object. If you place an item weighing no more than 10 lbs into the chest, you can use a bonus action to teleport it to a demiplane. The item can be retrieved from any other open red chest of conversing. The demiplane can hold no more than 100 lbs. This feature can be used once, but becomes available again the following dawn.

Demon Tutor: The corruption of one of the original brothers at the hands of a demon has permanently landed one of the chests in the Demons possession. Over the centuries, the Demon has used his eternal patience to slowly but inevitably corrupt any number of magic users. The Demons method is to provide quick shortcuts to power initially, while slowly reducing the magical power increase offered by each successive ritual, potion or physical act. The Demon will initially offer a ritual that can be completed in 7 days of uninterrupted study that will permanently increase a single Ability Score by 2. However, accepting this ritual permanently curses the individual. This curse enables the Demon to see the individuals thoughts, monitor their actions through their eyes and subtly influence the actions of the individual. For example, an extra word slipped into a conversational sentence, and glass pitcher knocked off a table whilst passing it. The individual is unaware of these slip-ups and will vigorously deny ever doing them. The intent of these actions by the Demon is to cause the individual to end up in situations that require further intervention from the Demon. Thereby increasing its grip on the individual. The nature of the curse is such that the curse will automatically renew itself upon being removed, unless the Red Chest is destroyed.

The Demons chest is permanently open and magic users insatiable thirst for power typically results in the Demon having complete control over an individual within 40 years.

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