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Recharging Staff: The Recharging staff uses an expensive combination of dragonshards and 8 ounces of refined Proteum to hold a theoretically unlimited number of charges. However, the method used to recharge is less than 40% efficient, and as such takes a long time to recharge.

The Recharging Staff recovers charges at a rate of one every 12 hours. Once a charge is used, it immediately begins to refuel it, even when more are used. The staff may only recover one charge at a time. Unlike a regular staff, a Recharging Staff only holds up to 10 charges at a time instead of the more typical 50.

The market price of a Recharging Staff is the market price for a regular staff with the same spells plus that of a +3 increase to the effective enhancement bonus of the staff. The staff does not need an enhancement bonus to become a Recharging Staff, the effective increase merely represents the complex enchantments woven over it and how they interact with conventional weapon enhancements.

Revised-in note: I honestly forgot about quarterstaves being double weapons when i created the +3 price for this item. Just assume that the effective +3 is on whichever side of the staff is more powerfully enchanted. Thus, a Mstk/+3 Flaming staff would be priced as a Mstk/+6 item, not as a +3/+4.

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