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Reanimating Earth[edit]

Animates the dead in the area, as if by the animate dead spell. The spell is cast at night only and it can cover any number of the dead. Any undead created in this way become ordinary corpses again in the morning. If a player is struck by an undead creature they have a 20% chance of becoming infected. When infected the player or other party members can make a Wisdom(medicine) check to save the player before dawn. If the player is not cured by dawn the player will take 2d10 radiant damage (or half as much if resistant) in dim or 3d10 in bright light. The player can take necrotic damage as healing for half the damage as temporary hit points.(DM can say otherwise) As soon as the entire party has left the area of the Reanimating Earth hazard the infected player is cured to normal in 1d4 hours.

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