Realm of Eternal Undeath (3.5e Environment)

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Realm of Eternal Undead[edit]

A world that has sunlight only on Mondays and rains blood every Tuesday and Wednesday for 24 Hours and is filled with oceans and seas of blood, Dense forests, Massive Mountains and Desert wastelands with black sand. There are hundreds of hidden underground maze-like catacombs underneath the whole world.

Plane Traits[edit]

Anyone who dies in this realm becomes a creature of Undeath. Any gods other then Draike have 1/20 of their power.

Physical Traits[edit]

  • Gravity: The gravity is the same as The Material Plane
  • Time: Time is the same as The Material Plane
  • Size: 3x the size of the The Material Plane
  • Morphic: Only Draike may alter and add to this universe

Magic, Alignment, and Energy/Elemental Traits[edit]

  • Elemental Dominance: Acid, Poison, Necrotic and Cold are Enhanced here, while Fire is weakened, all the rest remain the same.
  • Energy Dominance:
  • Alignment Trait: Strongly Evil Aligned mildly Neutral aligned
  • Magic Trait: Magic is very common

Plane Links[edit]

The Plane links to all other planes only from midnight to 1:00am

Plane Inhabitants[edit]

Dragons, Undead of all kinds and Drycid, a Human-like race with Vampiric powers

Movement and Combat[edit]


Features of the Plane[edit]

Crimson Vally[edit]

Crimson Vally is a large dense dark forest with leaves drenched in blood with living plants, Zombies, Will-o-Wisps, Vampires and Ghosts everywhere.

Wastelands of Darkness[edit]

A desert that seems to go on forever with sand as black as coal with Skeletons, Zombies, Mummies and Ghouls.

Pit of Despair[edit]

A Dark pit surrounded by a small village containing; Dread Wraiths, Lichs, Demi-lichs and Dracolichs.

Kingdom of Sorrow[edit]

A Huge wall of Dragon bone surrounding a city made of obsidian filled with Drycid, Death Knights. In the heart of the city is another wall made out of Dragon bones and within those walls is a Vast Dark castle made out of corpses, Dragon bone and obsidian drenched in blood, surrounded by Dracolichs circling the castle. While inside there are Death Knights, Dread Wraiths, Lichs, Vampire Lords, Nightcrawlers, Skeletons, Zombies and Draike Himself.


A small village made out of stone with Drycids as well as other races because it's one of the only survivable areas, with one of the only known sources of water.

Plane Links[edit]

The Plane links to all other planes only from midnight to 1:00am

Plane Encounters[edit]

Alternate Variances[edit]




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