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Razor of Gloom: This short sword has a dark black onyx crystal in it's pommel and a line of dark green jade down the center of the blade, which looks like the jade swirls around in it's stone.

The Razor of Gloom is a +1 Short Sword with a curse to those who are struck by it. When attacking with the Razor of Gloom, the wielder can choose to infect its target with Gloom, causing it to become weak. As part of an attack with the Razor of Gloom, once per encounter the wielder may choose to infect with the attack. If the attack hits, the target must make a DC 16 Fort save or be infected, if the attack does not hit, the target must still make the save but with a +3 bonus. The attempt is used regardless whether the target is infected. If the target is infected, roll a d4 to see the effect the Gloom has taken:

1: -3 Attack/Damage

2: -3 AC

3: -2 All Saves

4: Pick one and Roll again ignoring subsequent 4's.

The penalties last for the duration of the encounter and 5 minutes afterward.

Faint; (DC 17) Necromancy ;CL 6th; Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Bestow Curse; Cost 2,500gp (plus 310 for a Masterwork Shortsword), 200 XP, 5 Days; Activation: See Text; Market Price: 5,310 gp

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