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I don't care who we have to smoke or grease, I want those Guns.
Clarence "Clay" Morrow, President - Redwood Original
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Knowing whose in charge can help player's get a grasp of their surroundings (and try to climb the social ladder a bit). Below is a chart of the regional leaders and local legends and what your player's know about them depending on their Knowledge (local) check.

Sons of Anarchy Leaders & Legends[edit]

or Organization
Leader Race Class Alignment Knowledge (local)
15 20 25 30
Sons of Anarchy M/C Redwood Original Clarence "Clay" Morrow Human Tough CN President and Founding Member Was youngest of the founders Married former president's widow Has betrayed members before
Sons of Anarchy M/C Redwood Original Bobby "Elvis" Munson Human Dedicated LN SAMCRO's treasurer He does bardic impersonations demolition and explosives expert Has two children and is considering leaving the club
Sons of Anarchy M/C Redwood Original Jackson "Jax" Teller Human Charismatic CG SAMCRO's vice-president Son of old President and next in line Wants the club to go in a better direction Doesn't trust Clay
Sons of Anarchy M/C Redwood Original Alex "Tig" Trager Human Strong CE SAMCRO's sergeant-at-arms Clay's right hand man Sexual deviant Will kill a club member if he thinks it protects the rest
Sons of Anarchy M/C Redwood Original Filip "Chibs" Telford Human Fast CN SAMCRO full patch Loyal to Jax Served in the military Club Medic
Sons of Anarchy M/C Redwood Original Piermont "Piney" Winston Human Tough CG SAMCRO full patch Founding member Loyal to Jax Not happy with club's direction
Sons of Anarchy M/C Redwood Original Harry "Opie" Winston Human Dedicated CG SAMCRO full patch son of Piney Best friend to Jax Not happy with club's direction
Sons of Anarchy M/C Redwood Original Jean Carlos "Juice" Ortiz Human Smart CN SAMCRO full patch hacker intelligence office Not happy with club's direction
Sons of Anarchy M/C Redwood Original Kip "Half-Sack" Epps Human Dedicated CG SAMCRO prospect former military members lost a testicle during the War Loyal to Jax
Sons of Anarchy M/C Redwood Original Otto "Big Otto" Delaney Human Tough CN SAMCRO full patch incarcerated deeply in love with crow eater Luann Loyal to Clay
Sons of Anarchy M/C Tacoma Charter Happy Human Charismatic CG SAMCRO full patch Well loved character mother is near death nomad
Sons of Anarchy M/C Redwood Original Kyle Hobart Human Tough CG SAMCRO former member left club on bad terms on club's hitlist Still loyal to Jax
Charming Law Enforcement Wayne Unser Human Dedicated CG Chief of Police owns trucking business Uses the Sons for Protection Runs Dying of disease
Charming Law Enforcement David Hale Human Fast LG Deputy Chief of Police grew up with Jax and Opie Wants the Sons disbanded Knows Chief Unser is in Sons pocket
The Nordics Ernest Darby Human Strong CE Leader of the Nords extremely racist Hates the Sons Alliance of convenience with the Mayans
The Mayans Marcus Alvarez Human Smart CN Leader of the Mayans Is actually indifferent towards Sons Had his only son killed Ready to retire

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