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Random Encounters[edit]

When attempting to make a journey more interesting, one may use the following random events. Roll 1d100, bringing the associated encounter to the party. On a 100, roll 1d20, adding that amount to the result. Encounters above 100 could be considered “wacky”, and as such may be rerolled if you wish.

1. Herd[edit]

The party comes across a pack of 2d4 brahmin and 1d4 townies herding them. They may trade with them for meat, hides, or even the brahmin themselves. If killed or robbed, each herder has 1d4 brahmin hides, 1d6 brahmin steaks, 2d4 bottles of water, and 2d10 caps.

2. NCR Scouts[edit]

The party encounters 2d6 NCR troopers. They will ask them to either: a.) fix their mobile radio with a DC 14 Arcana check for 4d6 + 2 5.56mm rounds or caps, b.) ask for directions to a local settlement where they will treat the party to a drink, or c.)

3. Brotherhood Patrol[edit]

The party encounters 1d4 Brotherhood knights. They will attempt to seize any obvious piece of technology more advanced than a laser piston (laser rifle, plasma pistol, robots), but will not search them.

4. Super Mutant Partol[edit]

The party encounters 1d12 super mutants, mutant hounds, or centaurs. They will either attack the party on sight or continue on their way, giving the party a wide berth for various reasons including scouting for a larger force or wariness of humans do to discrimination.

5. Enclave Partol[edit]

The party encounters 1d4 Enclave soldiers. They will attempt to kill any creatures available except those who appear to be from a vault, who they will attempt to kidnap.

6. Shootout[edit]

The party encounters 3d4 scavengers defending a diner from 2d8 raiders. Both parties will be unaware of the party. Unless the party enters the diner or attacks one group, they will be ignored.

7. Wandering Merchant[edit]

The party encounters humanoid with 2d4 guards and 1d4 brahmin. They can trade with this humanoid, who’s inventory is average at best. The guards will attack if the party approaches within 15 feet of the merchant with weapons drawn.

8. Raiders[edit]

The party encounters 1d6 raiders. They will attack the party on sight.

9. Gecko Nest[edit]

The party wanders into the nest of 3d8 geckos. They will attack on sight.

10. Hunters[edit]

The party encounters 1d4 scavengers fighting 1d6 beasts.

11. Slavers[edit]

The party encounters 2d6 raiders and 1d4 townies. The raiders will either 1.) attempt to sell the slaves to the party for 100 caps each or 2.) attempt to enslave the party.

12. Mole Rat Nest[edit]

The party encounters 2d4 of each rat type. They will attack on sight.

13. Deathclaw Nest[edit]

The party encounters 2d12 deathclaws and 1 deathclaw matriarch and alpha. They will attack on sight.

14. Pack of Dogs[edit]

The party encounters 3d4 dogs of any type. They will not attack unless attacked.

101. Café of Broken Dreams[edit]

The party encounters a run down diner. Inside are various characters the player considered playing, but didn’t and unfinalized versions of player and non-player characters.

102. Crashed Shuttle[edit]

The party encounters a crashed shuttle from Star Trek. It must have gone though a space-time distortion. Its red-shirted occupants have 2d10 stimpacks and 1d4-3 alien blasters with 45 pieces of ammunition.

103. Guardian Portal[edit]

The party encounters a large stone ring. Walking through the ring results in them being sent back in time temporarily. Regardless of the actions taken by the players, they ultimately cause the instigating event of their adventure before being sent back to their proper time.

104. King Arthur’s Knights[edit]

The party encounters 5 men wearing large suits of elaborate armor and wielding swords. These characters use the statistics of Brotherhood paladins with shishkebabs. They will ask if you know the direction of the “Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch”. After giving them an answer, the party will be rewarded 500 caps.

105. King Arthur’s Knights Fighting a Rat[edit]

The party encounters the Knights fighting a particularly strong rat. This rat uses the statistics of a legendary deathclaw, save for being Small. On the other side of the fight sits a cave, inside which is a Holy Hand Grenade. This can be used to kill the rat instantly. Each knight has 500 caps and 200 microfusion cells.

106. A Man Guarding a Bridge[edit]

The party encounters a man wearing purple robes guarding the only bridge over a treacherous canyon. He uses the statistics of Frank Horrigan, save for being Medium. He will ask the party 3 questions. If the party answers all questions correct, he will move from blocking the bridge. If they answer a question wrong, their hit point maximum is halved. If they ask the man a question he does not know the answer to, which isn’t particularly difficult, he will explode, leaving behind only his robes which act as an oversuit with the statistics of a full set of combat armor, not including the helmet, and weighs 1 pound.

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