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Raison de Raison: Raison de Raison (a French pun meaning "grape of reason", although "Raison" is a misspelling of "Raisin", the french term for a grape.) is a small grape of any color.

Originally used by Lord Gurdon to defend the cities he captured from enemy troops trying to retake the land that they had lost to the Grudon Armies. Setting entire platoons of Wizards in strategic locations to reign enhanced magic down on the enemy.

When eaten the character gains absolutely incredible intellectual abilities, giving them a bonus to int (see below) for an hour.

The character is also cured of any mind muddling effects. However, the grape also makes reasoning practically imposable, and the character will answer any question asked, and attempt to complete any order made, to the best of their ability. The character loses all ability to make will saves, and if attacked will not defend himself, unless told to. If the one who consumed the grape is not given any action, he stares off in a mindless state and coup de grace is allowed. The grape when in the mouth will give the character just enough insight so they they will know what it will do to them, as long as they have an 11 or higher wis score at the time, including penalties and bonuses provided by magic or mundane means. These effects also last for 1 hour.

The grape will not work in either a negative, or positive way if the character is stressed (worried about what the grape will do to them, or other reason.)

CL ;

Raison de Raison Bonus
Grade of Grape Int Bonus
1 +2
2 +4
3 +6
4 +7

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