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Raise Undead[edit]

Come, my minion. Come into the world!!

{{4e Ritual |level=1 |component_cost=A single Corpse, all healing surges. |category=Creation |market_price=Special (Half-Zombie) a half zombie can preform this ritual once a day on any deceased corpse, without taking damage,not just one killed by the player. Otherwise, the caster loses all healing surges that can't be regained until the ritual is expended. However, the player can still be affected by healing effects. |time=1 hour |duration=Varies |key_skill=Arcana, Religion (no check required)

|effect=The Ritual, when completed, raises the corpse. The corpse can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, at your DM's discretion. The corpse can be used as an ally in combat, however it can only preform simple tasks, such as attack, patrol, defend, ect. The corpse retains half of it's original health points. The ritual may only be used on a corpse that is NOT a minion, elite, solo, undead, construct, or otherwise unliving being, that has been killed by the player (see above) and is of the players level or lower.

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