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Ragnorok: A sword forged by hell in order to destroy the prime material. Made behind Asmodeous's back his power was siphoned ever so slowly in its forging. The weapon is a +5 Unholy throwing returning screaming fullblade. The blood grooves are lined with pandemic silver. Ragnorok generates its own winds based on how much damage dealt.

As a uniquely forged item of the power of a deific figure, Ragnorok can only have its one-handed feature and abilities fully unlocked by spending 24 hours in a room where no light shines with the person deciding to wield it. In those 24 hours, no distractions can disrupt the meditative state that must be undertaken.

When the ritual has been performed, the following are benefits of Ragnorok, in addition to being a +5 unholy throwing returning screaming sword.

  • Ragnorok maybe wielded as a one-handed weapon
  • Ragnoroks wielder adds its enchantment bonus (+5) to their Strength score.
  • Ragnorok is a big weapon. If you give up your attacks, you can use it as total cover.
  • Ragnorok is not impossible to steal, but the weapon and wielders bond is strong enough that a supernatural sense of location is enabled. When stolen, by thief or magic, anyone attuned to the sword can find it.
;  CL <!-Caster level for spell-like effects, usually between 18 and 20-->;

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