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Physical Description[edit]


If you see one of these either, your world is about to end/is about to reset, or someone/some race is going to die in around 3-36 days

Race Name Traits[edit]

Your Strength score increases by ∞, your Dexterity score increases by ∞, your Constitution score increases by ∞, your Wisdom score increases by ∞, and your Intelligence score increase by ∞ you can increase all your ability scores above ∞. Ragnarök reach maturity at age -900 (or just is born mature) The alignment this race has is True Neutral (no matter what) Ragnaröks can range from 1 inch to 175 feet dependending on the severity of the situation your size range from fine to Colossal+. Your base walking speed is 900 feet to 50 feet. The bigger they are the slower they are. All Ragnaröks have Perfect Vision

Perfect Vision makes it that you can see anything and everything in a 360 degree radius, no matter what.

Only One Way to Kill The only way to kill this creature is by tickling its weak spot for 12 seconds (2 turns) (Let the DM decide where the weak spot is)

Knows everything in the official books Ragnaröks only knows the stuff in the official books.

VERY Attractive Ragnaröks can attract everything, even bacteria.

You can speak, read, and write Every language.

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