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Legend of the pantheons of Raesokera[edit]

Long ago, a curious god named Atun created a world and filled it with life from realms across all of creation. He began with the continent of Raesokera, filling it with lush flora and beautiful fauna. He added more and more, morphing the landscape into a paradise of every ecology from hot sandy deserts to lush tropical rainforests and freezing tundras. He had created a masterpiece of life in perfect balance.

With the blessing and assistance of Bahamut, Atun introduced dragons to Raesokera to fill the living world with magic. Dragonkind flourished and imbued the world with ethereal energies. The balance of life was so precise, Raesokera became a veritable font of magical power. This brought the attention of many dieties, both benevolant and malignant. Among the first was Tiamat who had a particular hatred for Bahamut and did everything in her power to spite him. She convinced Nethria, goddess of chaos and trickery, to introduce some chaos to the balance. Nethria, in the guise of Mystra, provided one-way portals to men, dwarves, elves, gnomes, orcs, and more. They migrated to the new world. Due to their inability to return home, they developed new settlements and spread across the world overflowing with resources both mundane and magical. Except for the various elven races, these humanoids consumed these natural resources with reckless abandon. The world seemed to be filled with infinite resources for every being.

Atun became angry with the hedonistic and violent ways of the humanoids not of Raesokera. In his dury, he unleashed a virulent arcane phage that spread across the continent to destroy all mankind. All the new races created magical sanctuaries, hiding away from the incurable plague and the rest of the world. Atun was content letting them hide in their closed off sanctuaries while he rebalanced the world. However, there was an unintended side effect of the magical disease on the feral beasts of Raesokera. The phage spread to every animal on the continent. Many died, but while the races hid in quarantined mountain citadels or escaped to the sea for many generations, the surviving beasts began to change. Their natural abilities and instincts evolved rapidly with each new generation. In only a dozen generations, many beasts stood bipedal like men. Within a century, dozens of new intelligent and sentient races were born. These new races began to form tribal societies. In order to keep them from destroying each other, Atun chose a strong champion or wise leader from each race. These champions were gifted a form of Godhood and taught to lead their own races to prevent catastrophe and war. The new pantheon of Raesokera led the bestial races into an era of prosperity and peace. The era was ended when Rhaige, the wolverine god under the influence of Bhaal, sent his chosen champions to destroy the ancient sanctuary wards protecting the hidden races of men. They slaughtered men, dwarves, and elves in Shahalla by the thousands as the first contact between beasts and men.

Raesokeran Pantheon[edit]

Deities of Raesokera
Name Alignment Suggested domains Symbol
Atun, god of life and magic LG Life/Knowledge Two silver hands together with palms up and open on a royal blue background
Anu, canis god of the afterlife N Death Black jackal head silhouette
Bahamut, god of enlightened justice and good dragonkind(1) LG Life/War White dragon head facing left in a blue shield
Balthazax, rhinoceros god of combat N War A charging feral rhinoceros
Bobo'gnung, platypus god of chaos and insanity CN Knowledge/Trickery A misshapen face of indeterminable race or species (every time it's illustrated, it is unique)
Chiasin Amoore, red fox god of music and harmless mischief CG Trickery A standing lute with two drums, one on either side beneath it
Dawn Rosepetal, ursus matron goddess of life LG Life/Light Two bear paws cradling a bear cub
Durodin, armadillo god of protection and justice LG War/Protection(2) Helm silhouette inside a shield
Flahjje, shapeshifting felis god/goddess of the hunt N Nature/Death Clawed feline pawprint
Fulvros Juval, fennec god of precious stones and artifacts CG Knowledge/Forge(2) A white daimond surrounded on a black fennec fox head silhouette background
Golgarg, edentatus mole god of earth and stone N Life A pickaxe leaning against a stone
Joey Rosco, kangaroo marsupialus god of friendship and loyalty CG Nature A simple portrait of Joey Rosco grinning and winking
John Carpenter, ursus horse god of strength and hard work LN Life/City(2) A hammer striking a nail
Karpokukuuq, frost fox god of the gourmet N Knowledge/Light A white chef's hat over a golden plate and silver utensils
Laoko, otter god of rivers and seas LN Tempest A stylized river or sea otter in a semicircular position next to a fish swimming opposite
Lemanus Rex, patron lion god of protection and retribution LG Light/War A golden lion's head on a silver shield
Lex'treek, cheetah goddess of speed LN Light Blue lightning bolt
Mahi, mongoose god of tinkering CN Knowledge/Forge(2) Three interspersed and differently sized gears
Masaku, raccoon god of shadows and deception CN Trickery/City(2) A black cloth mask on a white background
Maradin, elk god of the wild CG Nature/Tempest Maple leaf
Nicodemus, chiropteran god of sorcery NG Knowledge/Arcana(2) Staff with glowing orb within a black bat wing
Nethria, goddess of chaos and trickery CN Trickery Grinning mouth within an eight pointed star
Nungbat, opossum god of survival and false life NE Life/Grave(2) A single daisy
Reekree, vampire bat god of undeath NE Death/Grave(2) A feral bat skeleton with wings spread in flight
Rhaige, wolverine god of vengeance and slaughter CE War/Death Four clawed gashes dripping with blood
Skak, weasel god of trade and scamming LE Trickery/City(2) A snake coiled around a wine glass
Tantra, ocelot god of storms CN Tempest A tornado between the boughs of a forest in flames
Tiamat, goddess of evil dragons(1) LE Trickery Dragon head with five claw marks
Vargas, wolf god of the pack LN War White silhouette of a howling wolf head facing right
Vermiputrus, rat god of poison and plague CE Death a rat skull with buzzing flies on a green background
Wanda'BessaTress, rabbit goddess of herbs and healing NG Nature/Life A sprig of five green leaves on a white background
Wiskcitamoq, rodentus god of thieves and assassins CE Trickery/Death A thrice curved dagger dripping poison next to a spilled open coin purse
Xióngmāo Lí, red panda goddess of tranquility and balance NG Life A single blue drop of water surrounded by three thin blue ovals like ripples
Zaryss, mink goddess of beauty and exploit LE Trickery A single red rose with thorns
Zogug, boar god of rampage CE War Two boar tusks dripping blood
  1. Dieties of the forgotten realms Draconic pantheon
  2. Unearthed Arcana

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