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Radioactive [Power]

The character is radioactive.
Prerequisite: Con 17+, Power (energy control microwaves) 9 ranks, Evolved
Benefit: The character exudes a highly-harmful degree of radiation from his body, affecting all those within a 10 foot radius. The character may consciously suppress this radiation with a DC 20 Energy Control Microwaves check, and he himself is immune to its effects.
Whenever the radiation is active, the character and the area affected is treated as a lightly irradiated area and those within range suffer from Radiation Sickness in accordance to the duration of their exposure. If he so wishes, the character may increase the level of radiation with a DC 20 Energy Control Microwaves check, with the DC increasing with 5 for every step above Moderate.
Special: Whenever a character with this feat takes Massive Damage, he must succeed on a Will Save with a DC equal to 10 + the amount of damage dealt to him, or else he immediately becomes severely irradiated. This effect happens regardless of whether the character makes the Fortitude save to remain conscious from the massive damage.

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