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Radiant Lance
Level: Dragonslayer tier 3
Casting time: 2 Standard actions
Range: Until stopped
Duration: Until stopped
Saving Throw: Reflex, Fortitude
Spell Resistance: Yes

The most powerful spell in a Radiant Dragonslayer's arsenal. The Dragonslayer forms a massive lance out of pure energy and fires it directly at the target. The lance travels in a perfectly straight path and will not stop until it hits it's target or an object strong enough to halt it's progress, such as a mountain.

The lance travels straight but its force spreads out around it, dealing 8d10 Light damage with -1d10 every 1ft from the initial path. It also deals 6d8 Force damage with -1d8 for every 2ft away from the path. The Lance ignites the air around it causing anything within 20ft to catch Fire (4d6 for 2d4 rounds), anything directly in the path must roll Fortitude of 25 to survive, a failing roll results in incineration. All damage ignores AC, but a spell resistance will negate the additional damage if 5+caster level.

The lance travels until it hits the target or is stopped, on contact it creates a burst effect. The burst of energy is 100ft+5ft/level in all directions, anything within the blast radius is dealt 25d8 Light damage +2d6/3 class levels and -4d8/20ft from impact. 15d6 Force damage +3d6/ 3 class levels and -4d6/20ft from impact. Anything within 50ft of the blast zone is ignited, dealing 4d6 Fire damage for 2d4 rounds unless succeeding in Fortitude of 25.

When cast, the Dragonslayer expends all the energy they have and is reduced to 1 HP. If already at 1 HP, they drop to -8 HP. They are still conscious regardless of health after casting. They are fatigued for 1d4 days afterwards. After resting 2 turns however (or equivalent time of 10 min), the Dragonslayer can initiate a Teleport back to their home or safe area to recharge, but can do nothing during those rounds.

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