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Mankind was once the only thinking race that inhabited this world, but that was a long time ago. Now there are several races that make their homes in Merika. The Church of the Divine says that all the thinking races are examples of what heresy does to the unrepentant, the Pale agree that the sentient races share common ancestors but instead indicate that their differences are simply the result of adaptations.

  • Humans: The Humankind that call Merika home are varied and hardy. They have formed some of the largest societies to rebuild after the great fall as well as still roving the wastes in tiny familial bands. Their dominion of Merika is unquestioned but not undispute
  • The Pale: The reclusive pale are masters of arcane magic and technological gadgets as well as students of the forces of life and death. They are sought for their knowledge and goods, but rumors of what they do behind closed doors are nightmare inducing.
  • Ferals: The savage nomads most often called "Ferals" refer to themselves as Brunwin. Most outside of their tight-knit societies know them only for their blood-thirsty raiders and attitude towards outsiders, though they have a deep and spiritual connection to the land.
  • The Blighted: Twisted freaks, warped outcasts, brutal cannibals, and skulking monsters are all monikers that can describe these poor creatures. Sometimes born to unlucky human families they are often cast out. Those that survive tend to gravitate together and their marred form breeds true.

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